Minutes of the KPFK Delegates Meeting of 04/13/04

A regular meeting of the KPFK Delegates was held on Tuesday, April 13, 2004, at
7:00 pm, in the Geneva Room of Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire
Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010, the Chair being in the chair and the Secretary
Pro-Tem being present. The minutes of the Delegates meetings on February 18,
2004 and March 9, 2004 were approved.

Seventeen Delegates present, constituting a quorum: Grace Aaron, David Adelson,
Maria Armoudian, Sara Amir, Jim DiEugenio, Nile ElWardani, Sherna Gluck, Terry
Goodman, Jane Hallaren, Alan Minsky, Ed Pearl, Margaret Prescod, Leslie
Radford, Madeline Schwab, Donna Warren, Harrison Weil, Don White

Seven Delegates absent: Marie Deary, Israel Feuer, Bill Gallegos, Jan Goodman,
Sonali Kolhatkar, Julie Rodriguez, Fernando Velazquez

Chair: Don White

Authority and Notice: This meeting was scheduled by vote of the Delegates at
the Special Meeting of Tuesday, March 9, 2004. Notice was posted on the KPFK
website beginning on April 8, 2004 (see APPENDIX A). Announcements were
broadcast beginning 7 days before the meeting, pursuant to the schedule
recommended in the Foundation Bylaws.

Jack VanAken recorded the meeting, and an audio version is currently online at
http://www.dogsofnow.net/lsb/13apr04lsb/13apr04lsb.html. Dogs of Now is a
listener supported information and archival project and is not affiliated with
KPFK or the Pacifica Foundation. Bracketed numbers in these minutes refer to
section starts in the elapsed timings of an MP3 format audio file.

The meeting was called to order at 7:13 pm. [13apr04lsb1.mp3, 3:20]

Reading of minutes was waived by unanimous consent on a motion by Pearl. There
were no corrections. Minutes were approved unanimously by a show of hands.

Motion by T. Goodman [10:30]
Resolved, That there shall be a quarterly regular meeting of the Delegates held
just before the last Local Station Board meeting that precedes a meeting of the
Pacifica National Board.
Motion failed by a show of hands. [14:00]
Yes 5, No 4

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm. [15:30]

Terry L. Goodman, Secretary
[These minutes were approved on 12/20/04.]


(Ref: http://www.kpfk.org/lsb/announcements.html, 4/08/04)


Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2004
City: Los Angeles, California
Location: Geneva Room, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire
Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010. Phone: 213-389-3191.
Time: 7:00 PM

Regular meetings of the KPFK Delegates and the KPFK Local Station
Board were scheduled on March 11, 2004. The LSB meeting will convene
immediately following a brief meeting of the Delegates. Some or all
of the LSB committees formed on March 28th will report on the issues
that they will initially address and recommend language for
resolutions detailing the duties to be assigned to these committees.
Additional LSB committees may be formed, and remaining permanent
officers may be elected. Agendas are also expected to include reports
from Directors who attended the PNB meeting in Berkeley and the
election of KPFK Delegates to various PNB committees.

Immanuel Presbyterian Church is four blocks west of the intersection
of Wilshire and Vermont, with parking entry off of Berendo.