KPFK Local Station Board Minutes 4/13/2004

The regular monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on
Tuesday. April 13, 2003, at 7:00 p.m., in the Geneva Room of Immanuel
Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010, the Chair
being in the chair and the Secretary Pro-Tem being present. The minutes of the
LSB meetings on February 29, 2004, March 9, 2004, and March 28, 2004 were
approved by majority vote.

Twenty Members present, constituting a quorum: Grace Aaron, David Adelson,
Maria Armoudian, Sara Amir, Jim DiEugenio, Nile ElWardani, Israel Feuer, Sherna
Gluck, Jan Goodman, Terry Goodman, Jane Hallaren, Sonali Kolhatkar (left
early), Alan Minsky, Ed Pearl, Margaret Prescod, Leslie Radford, Madeline
Schwab, Donna Warren, Harrison Weil, Don White

Five Members absent: Marie Deary, Bill Gallegos, Eva Georgia, Julie Rodriguez,
Fernando Velazquez

Chair: Don White

Authority and Notice: This meeting was scheduled by vote of the LSB at the
Special Meeting of Tuesday, March 9, 2004. Notice was posted on the KPFK
website beginning on April 8, 2004 (see APPENDIX A). Announcements were
broadcast beginning 7 days before the meeting, pursuant to the schedule
recommended in the Foundation Bylaws.

Jack VanAken recorded the meeting, and an audio version is currently online at Dogs of Now is a
listener supported information and archival project and is not affiliated with
KPFK or the Pacifica Foundation. Bracketed numbers in these minutes refer to
section starts in the elapsed
timings of twelve MP3 format audio files, named by date and sequentially

The meeting was called to order at 7:26 pm. [13apr04lsb1.mp3, 15:40]

A draft agenda was distributed prior to the meeting (see APPENDIX B), and a
revised draft was distributed at the meeting. There was discussion of the
proposed agenda. The Chair appointed Adelson as Timekeeper. The agenda was
adopted as amended. [13apr04lsb3.mp3, 3:00]

Draft minutes of three prior meetings having been distributed to Members in
advance, reading of minutes was waived without objection. The Secretary Pro-
Tem announced a minor correction in one draft.

Motion from Pearl [4:00]
Resolved, That the LSB meeting minutes of February 29, March 9, and March 28,
2004, shall be approved.
Motion passed by a show of hands. [4:30]
Yes 12, No 2

The Chair announced that the GM has classes on Monday and Tuesday nights, and
there was discussion about scheduling regular meetings of the LSB. [7:00]

Motion from J. Goodman [10:00]
Resolved, That the KPFK LSB schedule regular monthly meetings, alternating
between a Thursday from 7 pm to 10 pm and a Saturday from 1 pm to 4:30 pm.

Motion to commit from Adelson [11:30]
Resolved, That the previous motion be referred to the Structure Committee, for
appropriate consideration of Member schedules.

There was discussion of the motion to refer to committee.

Point of order from Aaron
The motion is not debatable.
Not well taken. A motion to commit is debatable on its merits only.

The mover offered to withdraw the motion and accept the referral as a

Point of order from Adelson
The motion to refer is out of order if the main motion is withdrawn.
Not well taken. Issues may be referred to committees.

Upon a call for orders of the day from Adelson, the Chair referred the issue of
a regular meeting schedule to the Structure Committee. [13apr04lsb4.mp3, 1:15]

There were verbal reports from Directors Adelson, Warren, and Kolhatkar about
the Berkeley PNB meeting.

The first segment of public comment was heard at 8:22 pm (see APPENDIX C).
[13apr04lsb4.mp3, 3:00]

There were a few LSB responses to public comment.

There was discussion on the election of Delegates to PNB Committees.

Motion from J. Goodman [13apr04lsb5.mp3, 4:15]
Resolved, That candidates self-nominate for PNB Committees via a sign-up sheet
to be passed around, that candidates already on two or more LSB committees
shall be disqualified unless every Delegate gets on at least one committee, and
that the two highest remaining vote-getters for each national committee shall
be deemed elected.

Motion was withdrawn before the question was stated by the Chair.

Point of order from Adelson
The LSB cannot override the voting procedure specified in the Bylaws, but the
intent to share committee work equitably can be achieved through common consent
and courtesy.
Well taken.

Motion from Radford [13apr04lsb6.mp3, 12:30]
Resolved, That any non-Director member of a national committee be automatically
appointed to the corresponding local committee as a voting member, where the
corresponding committee is applicable.
Motion failed by a show of hands. [13apr04lsb7.mp3, 2:00]
Yes 8, No 9

Ballots were distributed. There was discussion about the nomination and
election process. It was recommended that only two LSB members be elected and
suggested that the next-ranked candidate would serve as an alternate in the
event that one of the two top-ranked local Delegates resigns, and that the
other nominees might serve on corresponding local committees, if created.

Motion from Adelson [8:00]
Resolved, That the KPFK LSB shall elect two LSB Members to each PNB committee,
other than the Committee of Inclusion.
There was no vote on this motion, and no objection to the opening of

Point of order from Weil [13apr04lsb8.mp3, 6:30]
Absent nominees should be disqualified, since they cannot accept.
Not well taken. Absent Members have expressed interest, and an elected
candidate can decline.

Appeal from Weil [7:30]
The ruling of the Chair was sustained. [13:20]
Yes 15, No 4

Point of Order from T. Goodman [11:20]
In an appeal, the question should be phrased when put such that affirmative
votes are to sustain the Chair rather than affirm the appeal.
Well taken.

Nominations were received. Some nominees declined. Ballots were marked,
collected, shuffled, and numbered, then sealed in an envelope by tape with
signatures affixed along the edges. Ballots were transported to a nearby
restaurant immediately after the meeting, where the tally occurred. Ballots
were read by Jim DiEugenio and verified by Terry Goodman. Data entry was by
Dave Adelson verified by Roger Zimmerman. Jane Hallaren and Margot Eiser
observed. Data files were copied and retained by Adelson and DiEugenio. As the
number of seats equaled the number of candidates in the elections for PNB Audit
Committee and Committee of Inclusion Director Member, the tally of ballots for
these elections was postponed and conducted by the Secretary in preparation for
inclusion in these minutes. The Teller's Report is attached (see APPENDIX D).

KPFK's national committee membership is as follows. In each case, the Director
Member was chosen at the Berkeley PNB meeting. The LSB Members indicated as
runners-up in this listing are the highest ranked candidates who were not
elected. There was no decision by the LSB to designate these candidates as
alternates in the event of a vacancy.

Sonali Kolhatkar (Director)
Grace Aaron
Harrison Weil
Terry Goodman (runner-up)

Dave Adelson (Director)
Nile El-Wardani
Terry Goodman
Fernando Velazquez (runner-up)

Donna Jo Warren (Director)
Maria Armoudian
Margaret Prescod
Jane Hallaren (runner-up)

Sonali Kolhatkar (Director)
Jan Goodman
Terry Goodman
(No runner-up)

Sonali Kolhatkar (Director)
Don White
Jim DiEugenio
Sherna Gluck (runner-up)

Julie Rodriquez (Director)
Grace Aaron
Bill Gallegos
Leslie Radford (runner-up)

Pursuant to the Foundation Bylaws, the KPFK LSB also elected one Director and
three Delegates to the local Committee of Inclusion, which is a PNB committee.
These four will choose the additional KPFK COI members.

Julie Rodriguez (Director)
Sara Amir
Margaret Prescod
Grace Aaron
Jane Hallaren (runner-up)

Motion by Gluck [13apr04lsb9.mp3, 8:30]
Resolved, That committee reports be tabled to the next meeting, and that there
be written reports from each committee.
Motion failed for lack of a second.

Following a call for orders of the day from Radford, the Chair announced his
commitment to place a motion from Kolhatkar carried over from a prior meeting
(and added to the agenda of this meeting) early upon the next agenda, if
adjournment occurs before consideration.

Prescod objected to the creation of committees at the previous special meeting
when it was expected to occur at this regular meeting, and claimed that the
results suggested that voting occurred along slate lines with inadequate
representation of underrepresented communities. She suggested that the
membership on initial committees be expanded as a remedy. [12:00] This was
accepted by the Chair as an agenda item for the next meeting. [16:00]

There was an oral report from the Finance Committee, which has been transcribed
and filed by the Secretary. [17:17] During this report, committee member
Hallaren proposed "that we bring the Development Committee into Finance and
work as a dual committee," and suggested referring this idea to the Structure
Committee. The LSB took no action on this proposal.

There was discussion of the mechanism for coordinating committee meetings and
assigning tasks to members, of the open meeting and notice requirements, and of
the need for a board retreat.

There was an oral report from the Programming Oversight Committee, which has
been transcribed and filed by the Secretary. [13apr04lsb10.mp3, 3:57] The
report included notice of a Committee meeting scheduled for Monday, April 19th,
at 6:00 pm, on the 10th
floor of the Occupational Center at 1646 South Olive, near Venice Blvd.

There was an oral report from the Management Evaluation and Review Committee,
which has been transcribed and filed by the Secretary. [8:55]

There was an oral report from the Outreach Committee, which has been
transcribed and filed by the Secretary. [14:20]

Point of order from Adelson [14:43]
The meeting was not noticed and public, so it's offered resolution is null and
Not well taken. The LSB will hear the motion, then decide if it is in order.

Outreach Committee Proposal
Whereas, The KPFK Local Station Board has instructed newly-formed committees to
meet to define their duties, and

Whereas, An increased and diverse listenership will forward the Pacifica
Mission as well as the viability of the station, and

Whereas, The Outreach Committee has identified initial activities to begin
fulfilling its charge,

Therefore be it resolved, That the KPFK Outreach Committee be responsible for
the following activities:

1) Identify methods for increasing station listenership and membership, with
special emphasis on reaching out to a diversity of all races, creeds, colors,
nationalities, classes, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities, and

2) Help KPFK build collaborative relations with organizations working for
similar purposes, and

3) In conjunction with the KPFK Volunteer Coordinator, identify a diverse pool
of individuals and community groups to volunteer in the implementation and
operation of various station events and activities, and

4) Work in concert with various other KPFK Committees to further the Pacifica
Mission, and

5) Report and recommend to the LSB as circumstances require.

And be it further resolved, That the KPFK LSB may assign additional activities
and issues to which the Committee shall respond and advise as requested.

Point of order from Gluck [13apr04lsb11, 0:09]
The meeting was not noticed and public, so it's offered resolution is null and
Well taken. The Committee will reconsider its motion in a public meeting.

Following a call for orders of the day from Adelson [2:25], there was
discussion about the difficulty of scheduling and noticing initial meetings so
that the committees could begin work.

There was a report from the Structure Committee, which has been transcribed and
filed by the Secretary. [8:07] The report included notice of a Committee
meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 22, 2004, at 4:30 pm, at the radio

Kolhatkar left the meeting at approximately 10:00 pm.

The second segment of public comment was heard at 10:23 pm (see APPENDIX C).

Motion from Adelson [13apr04lsb12.mp3, 6:35]
Resolved, That the LSB request that the Chair convene a retreat of the Board
for purposes of addressing the functioning of the Board at the soonest possible
mutually convenient date and time to Members.
Motion passed unanimously by a show of hands.

A motion to table remaining agenda items from J. Goodman passed by voice vote.

Motion from Weil
Resolved, That the LSB meet alternately on a Thursday at 7 pm and a Saturday at
1 pm, that the next meeting be Saturday, May 8, 2004.
Motion failed by a show of hands.
Yes: 8, No: 9

Motion from J. Goodman
Resolved, That the LSB next meet on Saturday, May 8, 2004, at 1:00 pm, at a
location to be determined by the Chair.
Motion passed by a show of hands.
Yes: 15, No: 0

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 pm.

Terry L. Goodman, Secretary


(Ref:, 4/08/04)


Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2004
City: Los Angeles, California
Location: Geneva Room, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire
Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010. Phone: 213-389-3191.
Time: 7:00 PM

Regular meetings of the KPFK Delegates and the KPFK Local Station
Board were scheduled on March 11, 2004. The LSB meeting will convene
immediately following a brief meeting of the Delegates. Some or all
of the LSB committees formed on March 28th will report on the issues
that they will initially address and recommend language for
resolutions detailing the duties to be assigned to these committees.
Additional LSB committees may be formed, and remaining permanent
officers may be elected. Agendas are also expected to include reports
from Directors who attended the PNB meeting in Berkeley and the
election of KPFK Delegates to various PNB committees.

Immanuel Presbyterian Church is four blocks west of the intersection
of Wilshire and Vermont, with parking entry off of Berendo.


[from don white] Adoption of this proposed agenda would include adoption of the
times certain for agenda items.

I. Call to Order, Call of the Roll, Approval of Agenda, Approval of
Minutes, Opening Remarks by the Chair: (a) how agendas get produced,
(b) written motions, etc., to the chair, (3) time keeper, logistics of
meeting, (4) Board Retreat, (5) LSB Operation & Logistics Team and
Establishing Regular Meeting Schedule for the LSB [12 minutes]

II. Report by our four Directors pertaining to Berkeley PNB meeting [13]

III. Public Comment [20 minutes]

IV. Creation of National Committees, including Committee of Inclusion
Establishing specific mandates for the committees. These committees,
establish by the PNB, are (1) Governance, (2) Technology, (3)
Programming, (4) Audit and (5) Inclusion. Also the following two Ad
Hoc committees of the PNB: [1] National Executive Director Review
Committee and [2] Elections Review Committee. [35 minutes]

V. Public Comment [20 minutes]

VI. LSB Committee Reports/ Committee "charges"&"mandates"/ Clarifying
Committee Membership/ iPC Issues & Progress (These committees are
Finance, Programming Oversight, Management Evaluation, Outreach and
Structure. iPC Report here as well. [20 minutes]

VII. Issues of Secretary and Treasurer [20 minutes]

VIII. General Manager's Report [15 minutes]

IX. Bilingualism at LSB meetings/ earphones & interpretation [4]

X. New Business [Raising issues; not necessarily resolution] [8 minutes]

XI. Next Meeting/Proposals for geographic areas & venues [5]

XII. Adjournment [20 seconds!]

APPENDIX C - Summary of Public Comments

This report on public comments has been prepared by the Secretary and is
attached to the minutes for general reference. Inclusion of this report is no
representation from the LSB or the speakers mentioned as to its accuracy or
completeness, nor is it an endorsement of any content herein.

FIRST PUBLIC COMMENT SEGMENT [13apr04lsb4.mp3, 3:00]

Bob Linden [3:15]
"Is KPFK Species-ist?" (sign). I've been trying to get an animal rights show on
the air for two years and your Program Director is referring me to this Board.
How do I get a show?

John Doe 2 [5:00]
"I don't know what National's doing for us." The local station tithe has
increased from 10% to 20% since 1996 and we have little to show for it.

Rafael Renteria [6:45]
We need to apply diversity requirements to LSB committees, especially the
Outreach Committee and the Programming Oversight Committee. How are these
committees to be comprised?

Dele Ailemon [7:50]
"We need to mobilize them. We need to bring them into this process."
Disenfranchised communities must be represented on the Outreach Committee.

David Sanchez 9:50]
"I get no response." I've submitted a proposal for "The Mexican-American
University." What is the process for proposing a program?

Lawrence Reyes [11:30]
"There needs to be accountability to the listeners." There's no transparency.
There are no written reports. There's no copy of the minutes for the listeners.
Can listeners join LSB committees? There's a pool of LSB candidates to draw

Mansour [13:40]
"Do we want to share power or not? Are we going to start on the right foot or
not?" Fewer listener members are coming to LSB meetings because of the time
wasted. We have better things to do.

Myla Reson [15:20]
"The listeners who voted for the Local Station Board wanted them, I believe, to
have power to make decisions. Somebody who just comes in unelected and wants to
serve on a committee shouldn't necessarily be in a position to make decisions
that are being entrusted to people who were elected by the listeners."

SECOND PUBLIC COMMENT SEGMENT [13apr04lsb11.mp3, 9:45]

Margot Eiser [10:00]
"Committees are not the ones who make the policy." Committees should prepare
resolutions for LSB deliberation. I've suggested open-ended meetings to avoid
the pressure of an adjournment deadline, and you guys should take breaks
occasionally. How do listeners volunteer for committees?

Myla Reson [12:10]
Interference from Mexican station XLNC is still a big problem. The LSB should
request a status update from the GM and see if a task force is needed to work
on the problem.

Learner Goude [13:25]
"We end up spending almost as much time talking about how much time we can talk
as we spend talking about the business that we do." Maybe the Structure
Committee can come up with a solution to minimize the problem. "What we have
now isn't working."

Randy Smith [14:30]
"Effective outreach should lead to more people from disenfranchised communities
joining the group of 'people who are always here.'" The need for outreach is no
excuse for delaying the expansion of committees to include listeners.

Luis Garcia [15:50]
"There's only two Mexican-Americans on this LSB board, and not enough African-
Americans." With respect to outreach, I want to see a priority statement as to
the nationally recognized minorities pursuant to the Treaty of Guadalupe-
Hidalgo of 1848 and the Nine Nations Covenant on the Civil, Political and
Economic Rights of Oppressed Peoples.

Raphael Renteria [17:09]
"We fought like the devil for grass-roots democracy." The LSB committees need
to be open to listener participation, and they need to have diversity

Lawrence Reyes [13apr04lsb12.mp3, 0:00]
"People died in order to vote in this country." The LSB has stacked its
committees through back-room deals. We want to be on committees in order to

Bob Linden [3:10]
"Who is going to make the decision for new programs?" How does a new program
get on? How does the programming stay vibrant? The Program Director says see
the LSB, the LSB says see the iPC, the iPC says they just suggest policy.
There's no accountability.

John Doe 2 [5:11]
"We had 120 letters back the last time the station asked about the station in
Tijuana." We sent about 109 to the FCC. Probably two-thirds of those listeners
are within our legal signal contour. We should ask listeners for more letters.

APPENDIX D - Teller's Report and Declaration of the Chair

Candidate and Non-Candidate Legend:

1 = Grace Aaron
2 = David Adelson
3 = Sara Amir
4 = Maria Armouian
5 = Marie Deary
6 = Jim DiEugenio
7 = Nile El-Wardani
8 = Israel Feuer
9 = Bill Gallegos
10 = Sherna Gluck
11 = Jan Goodman
12 = Terry Goodman
13 = Jane Hallaren
14 = Sonali Kolhatkar
15 = Alan Minsky
16 = Ed Pearl
17 = Margaret Prescod
18 = Leslie Radford
19 = Julie Rodriguez
20 = Madeleine Schwab
21 = Fernando Velazquez
22 = Donna Jo Warren
23 = Harrison Weil
24 = Don White

In the following charts, the first digit is a unique number randomly
assigned to each paper ballot. The "1.00" is the value assigned to
each vote. The final digits are candidate numbers from the above
legend, in the sequence of their ranking on that ballot.


1, 1.00) 12,1
2, 1.00) 23,8,4,12,1
3, 1.00) 1,4,12,23,8
4, 1.00) 23,8
5, 1.00) 5,23
6, 1.00) 1,23,5,12
7, 1.00) 23,8,5
8, 1.00) 12,1,5,8,23
9, 1.00) 1,5,12,8
10, 1.00) 12,8,1,5
11, 1.00) 1,12,5,8,23
12, 1.00) 1,4
13, 1.00) 12,1,8,5,23
14, 1.00) 1,5,23,12
15, 1.00) 1,5
16, 1.00) 23,5,1,8,12
17, 1.00) 23,5
18, 1.00) 1,12,8
19, 1.00) 12,23,1,5,8
20, 1.00) 8,12,1,23,5
21, 1.00) 1,5,12


1, 1.00) 12,7
2, 1.00) 7,21,12
3, 1.00) 21,7,12
4, 1.00) 20,7
5, 1.00) 21,7
6, 1.00) 7,12,21
7, 1.00) 21
8, 1.00) 7,12,21
9, 1.00) 7,21,12
10, 1.00) 12,7,21
11, 1.00) 7,12,21
12, 1.00) 12,7
13, 1.00) 12,7,21
14, 1.00) 12,7,21
15, 1.00) 7
16, 1.00) 21,7,12
17, 1.00) 21,7
18, 1.00) 12,21,7
19, 1.00) 12,7,21
20, 1.00) 7,12,21
21, 1.00) 12,7,21


1, 1.00) 8,12,2,3,5
2, 1.00) 6,8,5,3,2,7,12
3, 1.00) 7,5,11,10,13,6,4
4, 1.00) 5,3,11,1,2,9,10,7,6,4,12
5, 1.00) 3,4,11,9,5,1,12,2,6
6, 1.00) 11,10,5,7,1=2=3=4=6=8=9=12
7, 1.00) 10,11,14,5,1,2
8, 1.00) 1,8,2,6,10,5,3
9, 1.00) 6,8,9,1,2
10, 1.00) 1,8,3,6,2,12
11, 1.00) 3,5,6,7,9,10,11,2
12, 1.00) 4,5,10,11,2
13, 1.00) 2,8,6,9,1
14, 1.00) 12,9,6,3,8
15, 1.00) 5,10,11,13
16, 1.00) 8,6,5,11,2,1
17, 1.00) 11,10,5,6,13,7
18, 1.00) 8,2,9,6,12,4,1
19, 1.00) 4,2,1,7,8,6


1, 1.00) 11,12
2, 1.00) 11,12
3, 1.00) 11,12
4, 1.00) 11,12
5, 1.00) 11
6, 1.00) 11=12
7, 1.00) 12,11
8, 1.00) 12,11
9, 1.00) 11,12
10, 1.00) 11,12
11, 1.00) 12,11
12, 1.00) 11
13, 1.00) 11,12
14, 1.00)
15, 1.00) 11
16, 1.00) 12,11
17, 1.00)
18, 1.00) 11,12
19, 1.00) 11,12
20, 1.00) 11,12
21, 1.00) 11=12


1, 1.00) 24,11,9,10,5
2, 1.00) 6,10,24,5,11,18
3, 1.00) 6,9,5,24,11,10,18
4, 1.00) 6,18
5, 1.00) 6,18,5,11
6, 1.00) 24,10,11,9
7, 1.00) 18,9,6,10
8, 1.00) 5,20,24,6,9,11,10,18
9, 1.00) 11,24,9,5,6
10, 1.00) 24,11,10,5,9,6
11, 1.00) 24,10,5,11,6
12, 1.00) 10,24
13, 1.00) 24,11,9,5,6
14, 1.00) 10,5,6
15, 1.00) 24,11,10
16, 1.00) 18,6,7,5,10,11
17, 1.00) 18,6,5
18, 1.00) 10,6,24,18,11,5,9
19, 1.00) 24,11,6,10,9,18,5
20, 1.00) 10,24,11,9,5,6
21, 1.00) 10,11,5,24


1, 1.00) 9,1
2, 1.00) 1,21
3, 1.00) 9,21
4, 1.00) 18,9
5, 1.00) 8,21,18
6, 1.00) 1,18,9,21
7, 1.00) 18,21,9
8, 1.00) 9,1,21,18
9, 1.00) 9,1,21
10, 1.00) 1,9
11, 1.00) 1,21,9,18
12, 1.00) 1
13, 1.00) 1,9,21,18
14, 1.00) 1,9,21,18
15, 1.00) 1
16, 1.00) 18,21,9,1
17, 1.00) 18,21,9
18, 1.00) 1,21,9,18
19, 1.00) 9,21,1,18
20, 1.00) 1,9,21,18
21, 1.00) 21,9

In the following charts, the first digit is a unique number randomly
assigned to each paper ballot. The "1.00" is the value assigned to
each vote. The final digits are candidate numbers from the above
legend, in the sequence of their ranking on that ballot.


1, 1.00) 19
2, 1.00) 19
3, 1.00) 19
4, 1.00) 19
5, 1.00) 19
6, 1.00) 19
7, 1.00) 19
8, 1.00) 19
9, 1.00) 19
10, 1.00) 19
11, 1.00) 19
12, 1.00) 19
13, 1.00) 19
14, 1.00) 19,14
15, 1.00) 19
16, 1.00) 19
17, 1.00) 19
18, 1.00) 19
19, 1.00) 19
20, 1.00) 19
21, 1.00) 19


1, 1.00) 13,9,17
2, 1.00) 17,13,9,5,1
3, 1.00) 3,17,13,1
4, 1.00) 3,17
5, 1.00) 3,1,5,17
6, 1.00) 1,3,17
7, 1.00) 3,9,1,5,13
8, 1.00) 1,3,5,17,13
9, 1.00) 3,1,9,13,17
10, 1.00) 17,3,9,13
11, 1.00) 13,5,9,1,17
12, 1.00) 3,1,17
13, 1.00) 13,9,17,5
14, 1.00) 3,1,17,9
15, 1.00) 3,17,9,5,1
16, 1.00) 5,9,17,1,13
17, 1.00) 17,13,1
18, 1.00) 17,5,9,3,13,1
19, 1.00) 3,9,17,1
20, 1.00) 1,13,9,17,3,5
21, 1.00) 3,5,9


21 valid ballots.
Electing 2 candidates.
Threshold to win is 10 votes.

Grace Aaron ELECTED -- 3rd round
Harrison Weil ELECTED -- 3rd round
Terry Goodman DEFEATED -- 2nd round
Israel Feuer DEFEATED -- 1st round
Marie Deary DEFEATED -- 1st round


21 valid ballots.
Electing 2 candidates.
Threshold to win is 10 votes.

Nile El-Wardani ELECTED -- 2nd round
Terry Goodman ELECTED -- 2nd round
Fernando Velazquez DEFEATED -- 1st round
Madeleine Schwab DEFEATED -- 1st round


21 valid ballots.
Electing 2 candidates.
Threshold to win is 10 votes.

Maria Armouian ELECTED -- 2nd round
Margaret Prescod ELECTED -- 3rd round
Jane Hallaren DEFEATED -- 2nd round
Nile El-Wardani DEFEATED -- 2nd round


19 valid ballots.
Electing 2 candidates.
Threshold to win is 9 votes.
2 invalid ballots processed.

Jan Goodman ELECTED -- 1st round
Terry Goodman ELECTED -- 3rd round


21 valid ballots.
Electing 2 candidates.
Threshold to win is 10 votes.

Don White ELECTED -- 4th round
Jim DiEugenio ELECTED -- 4th round
Sherna Gluck DEFEATED -- 3rd round
Leslie Radford DEFEATED -- 2nd round


21 valid ballots.
Electing 2 candidates.
Threshold to win is 10 votes.

Grace Aaron ELECTED -- 1st round
Bill Gallegos ELECTED -- 3rd round
Leslie Radford DEFEATED -- 2nd round


21 valid ballots.
Electing 1 candidate.
Threshold to win is 21 votes.

Julie Rodriguez ELECTED -- 1st round


21 valid ballots.
Electing 3 candidates.
Threshold to win is 7 votes.

Sara Amir ELECTED -- 1st round
Margaret Prescod ELECTED -- 4th round
Grace Aaron ELECTED -- 4th round
Jane Hallaren DEFEATED -- 3rd round
Marie Deary DEFEATED -- 2nd round