PROPOSED AGENDA: Regular Local Station Board Meeting

August 1, 2004 ---- Echo Park United Methodist Church

I. Welcome, Call to order, Call of the Roll, Review & Approval of Agenda, Approval of Minutes. [8 minutes}

II. Comments by the Chair: (1) introduction of Mary Rosendale, Local Elections Supervisor, (2) Announcement of an
"Elevator Committee" which is meeting, (3) ruling on procedures for calling Special Meetings of the LSB. (4} treatment
of confidential posts dealing with personnel matters (5) New KPFK webpage features {8 minutes]

III. General Manager's Report [15 minutes]

IV. Report on Implementation of CAB [Community Advisory Board] Process [5 minutes]

V. Committee Reports: (a) Finance/Development (b) Management Evaluation (c) Outreach, (d) Programming Oversight (e)
Structure (f) Committee of Inclusion (g) LSB representatives to iPC (h) Ad hoc Retreat Committee [40 minutes]

VI. Establish an LSB/Community Task Force on TOWN HALL MEETING / Motions on "Special Meetings" [ 10 minutes]

VII. Public Comment [15 minutes]

VIII. Old Business: [a] Kolhatkar motion, staff delegate communication [b] Radford Motion on fee waivers [c] Adelson
motion on governance programming [d] Hallaren motion on role of secretaries, [e] T. Goodman motion on Board Training [f]
J. Goodman motion on public posting of committee meetings, [g] Radford motion on Banned & Fired [exec session/possible
legal issue?] [h] Weil motion on member petitions for agenda items [i] T. Goodman motion on creation of new committees.
[55 minutes]

IX. Report from PNB Directors [12 minutes]

X. Public Comment [15 minutes]

XI. Votes on motions: with no further debate/discussion [8 minutes]

XII. Posting of New Business/no discussion/no voting [5 minutes]

XIII. Closing: determing next meeting based on "regular meeting schedule," announcements, evaluation of meeting,
adjournment {5 minutes]