On November 12, 2008, KPFK's LSB met at KPFK's studio building, 3729 Cahuenga
Blvd., W., North Hollywood, Ca., 91608,

They met as a committee of the whole until a quorum was reached. The continued
meeting was called to order about 7:30pm by vice chair Steve Weatherwax.

Also present (late) was Sue Cohen acting as secretary pro tem as well as
several members of the listenership

Roll was called (16): Grace Aaron, Dave Adelson, Jonathan Alexander, Chris
Condon, Israel Feuer arrived late, Sherna Gluck, Jan Goodman arrived late, Ian
Johnston, Rufina Juarez, Tracey Larkin, Shawn Casey O'Brien, Leslie Radford,
Summer Reese arrived late, Jack VanAken, Steve Weatherwax, Yosh Yamanaka

Absent were: Yolanda Anguiano, Ali Lexa, Reza Pour, Margaret Prescod, Ricco
Ross, Donna Warren, Gabrielle Woods, Lamont Yeakey

Point of order-Adelson: We should set the agenda of the committee of the whole.
1 hours were allotted for the meeting regarding the collateralization of
KPFK's Building (including :15 mins. For public comment).

KPFA already received $400k using their building as collateral (?).
Lots of layoffs throughout Pacifica have already happened.
KPFK is over $600k in debt to National Office (?) $300k (?)
The Finance Committee meeting is tomorrow night

Margaret Prescod sent a letter which was read aloud and passed out.

The Draft from Radford was sent to the PNB not marked draft, and seemingly
signed by Ricco Ross, They omitted "draft"
See Appendix C
At the PNB, the Motion was carried overwhelmingly
Wells Fargo referred us to a community development organization for the loan
The PNB Approved a loan application in general
Point of information-Can the CFO approve this loan? Board must vote on it
KPFK is behind in its budget goals/income
We Cut $350k from KPFK payroll
KPFA gave 1 million to KPFK given in past (?)
KPFA has been planning ahead & solvent
WBAI met pledge drive goal but it was not a solvency goal
They are fundraising about 1/3 of their air time (?)
WBAI made some staff cuts-need to be pressed to cut costs; they say but don't
Unbelievable rent: $500k year, Transmitter rent is $250k/yr
Will cut space and rent in half
KPFK's gross was up but net down, we didn't know that
Point of clarification- nebulous language is only in the ether
Jack- talking about insolvency is very premature
We can't control the expansion of their head counts
There must be an Agreement on how to change the cost structure in order to
support the loan
Will it trigger severance packages?
Point of information-Public comment?
Why trust these same people who failed so far, to do this now?
We need to do something to please the listeners more
We should lose some staff, get shows from other stations
If we get the loan it will just enable sloppy management
You can get plenty of volunteer programmers if you allow them
You can't collateralize KPFK because of the archives
We are entering into a partnership with another organization (?!)
Public comment: about :05 mins.
Extend :90 secs to 2 mins
Point of order: We are at time
Public: When Eva Georgia took over there were 22 staff, now there are 32, we
can run with 22
Especially People of color depend on being paid, staff morale is an issue
Before our recent drive we were $125k behind
WBAI, after drive $575k they still owe $125k
Pacifica spends $1.5 million per month

Motion KPFK's PNB delegates move to amend any motion re: loan that it must have
an amended detailed statement of how the money will be spent & costs including
a reduction of expenditures plan for every unit before signing, be provided to
the PNB and all LSB's & clear repayment plan
Also a plan for WBAI to reduce its costs first
& payback & layoffs up front before they sign (a sustainable plan)
Facility cost reductions for WBAI should be done first
Strategic recovery plan must include increased income by better programming
Bank says we need to borrow more money and have a plan in order to recover
Aaron will email budget information to you
The loan will probably go through although we 4 vote against it
Aaron has a strategic structural recovery plan

Motion or amendment-from Summer
Motion-to suggest that in loan negotiations that we consider it in 2 separate
loans with 2 separate buildings. Or, 2 buildings on one loan
8 mins debate on substitute motion

Point of information Adelson-chair should rule that they be considered

Motion- Radford- Any motion to collateralize a major asset of any single unit
must include a mandatory repayment structure that distributes repayment among
the units, according to the proportion of their debt paid by the loan

Moved by Adelson:
That the KPFK LSB requests that KPFK's PNB directors move to amend any motion
regarding the securing of a loan for the foundation as follows:

That prior to the signing of loan documents, the following conditions shall be
1) The PNB and all LSB's shall be provided with a detailed statement
specifying how the borrowed funds will be spent and what cost reductions
will be achieved at each Pacifica unit to make Pacifica's financial
situation sustainable;
2) Any staff reductions required to achieve needed cost reductions be
initiated before signing
3) Any motion to collateralize a major asset of any single unit must include
a mandatory repayment structure that distributes repayment among the
units according to debts paid by the loan
Roll Call vote: Yes-Aaron, Adelson, Alexander, Condon, Feuer, Gluck, Goodman,
Johnston, Larkin, O'Brien, Radford, Reese, Weatherwax
No-0, Abstain-Juarez, Van Aken, Yamanaka
13, 0, 3 passes

Motion-Reese- any loans obtained by Pacifica National Foundation using KPFK's
building as collateral be limited to $750K, an amount sufficient to retire the
amount owed by KPFK to Pacifica to the N.O. as unpaid Central Services fees and
other debts and there should
be a written agreement with terms, allowing KPFK to pay off the loan at an
accelerated rate to pay off ASAP; for any other money another loan
collateralized on an other unit.
Limited to $700k to be first counted as retiring the $600k we owe to national
We have a $600k debt to National Office & Central Services

This motion is too adversarial
Roll Call Vote- Yes: Aaron, Condon, O'Brien, Reese
No: Adelson, Gluck, Goodman, Johnston, Juarez, Larkin, Radford, Van Aken,
Abstains: Alexander, Feuer, Weatherwax
4, 9, 3 Failed

Motion-Condon- KPFK LSB objects to taking any loan by the Pacifica foundation
using any major asset of any unit as collateral (in excess of its central
services obligations)
Jan-amend to "object "
A KPFA $700k CD was used as collateral before

Amendment- Radford-the KPFK LSB "objects" to the use of any loan by Pacifica
using any major asset of any unit as collateral without extensive prior
conversations between the foundation, the units, & the affected LSBs, &
management, in public session
Public : about :03 mins
Roll call vote- Yes: Alexander, Gluck, Johnston, Radford,
No: Condon, Juarez, O'Brien, Reese,
Abstains: Aaron, Adelson, Feuer, Goodman, Larkin, Van Aken, Weatherwax
4, 4, 7 fails

Motion-Condon-KPFK does not consent to taking any loan using any major asset of
any unit as collateral
Roll Call Vote-Adelson, Condon, Juarez, O'Brien, Reese,
No: Aaron, Alexander, Johnston, Larkin, Van Aken
Abstains: Feuer, Gluck, Goodman, Radford, Weatherwax
5, 5, 5

Johnston- Breach of duty by the chair: There were more than 3 LSB members who
asked the chair for special meeting, but he did not call one
Motion-Johnston-to censure (or remove) chair
Point of information
Point of personal privilege
Vice chair rules it's out of order
Point of personal privilege Radford-
Dave-The chair was out of the country, people knew this
Motion to extend time fails by a show of hands
Roll Call Vote- Yes: Johnston, Larkin
No-Aaron, Adelson, Alexander, Condon, Feuer, Goodman, O'Brien, Radford, Reese,
Abstains: Gluck, Juarez,
2, 10, 2
Motion failed

Motion- Radford-KPFK LSB calls on KPFK management staff etc. to speak out
regarding LGBT right to marry With all Available resources

See Appendix B
(or by race)
(PNB should issue an editorial)
8:1:2 passes

Sue Cohen, Secretary Pro Tem

Whereas, that the KPFK Local Station Board unequivocally condemns violence
within Pacifica, including calling upon state violence, noting the recent
incident at KPFA in which police were called into the station by local and
national management, and assaulted an unpaid staff member to the ground,
injuring her arm and handcuffing her.
And whereas reliable reports indicate KPFA management with the agreement of
national office staff called down police violence on long-standing unpaid staff
member Nadra Foster, and that Ms. Foster in no manner provoked this violent
response. If this is the case, we find management's decision especially
deplorable, shameful, and hypocritical because Pacifica is founded on non-
violence and has a long history of informing the public that state violence is
more likely to occur to people of color, like this African-American woman. All
Pacifica staff and management should be sensitive to the fact that violence was
a likely outcome of bringing the police into the station to remove her.
Therefore, we urge the Pacifica National Board to immediately formulate,
disseminate, and implement a policy that defines and severely restricts those
occasions when the police are called into any Pacifica unit or Pacifica-
sponsored event to an option of last choice, invoked only to quell violence
within the station or at the event when non-violent means of solving the
problem have failed or when there is a real danger of imminent harm to another
person that can not be addressed non-violently.
Resolution on Pacifica Support for Queer Rights
The KPFK Local Station Board calls on the KPFK management, programmers, and
staff to make use all of the station's available resources, including special
programming, to promote equal rights for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and
transgendered people, and to educate KPFK's listeners on this issue. This
resolution will remain in effect during this period of crisis when the right to
marry has been denied in a discriminatory vote of the electorate and people are
demanding this right in the streets, the halls of the California legislature,
and the courts. Further we urge the Pacifica Foundation and our sister
stations to join us in taking up this challenge for equality and ask our
Pacifica National Board representatives to put forward such a motion to the PNB
at the soonest opportunity.

DRAFT PROPOSAL for a response to hijacking KPFK

Information letter from Margaret Prescod