Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas
April 1-3, 2004

Town Hall Meeting
A Tale of Three Cities: Tulia, Dallas and Hearn
Moderator: Alberta Phillips, Austin-American Statesman
Texas Senator John Whitmire,
Texas Rep. Terri Hodge,
Will Harrel, Exec. Dir. ACLU-Texas,
Vanita Gupta, Staff Attorney, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, NY,
Graham Boyd, Director, ACLU Drug Policy Litigation Project, Sta. Cruz, CA,
Jeff Blackburn, Criminal Defense Attorney,
Ana Yáñez-Correa, Public Policy Director, Texas LULAC, Austin, TX,
Mattie White, Founder, Community Helping Hands, Tulia, TX,
Freddie Brookins, Sr., President, Tulia NAACP,
Regina Kelly, Attorney, New York, NY,
Jesus Mejia, Defendant,
Eruviel Cruz, Defendant
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How Did We Get Into This Mess?
History of Drug Policy with Focus on Race
Moderator: Deborah Small, Director, Break the Chains, New York, NY
Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Assoc. Prof., Geography & American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California,
Deloyd Parker, Executive Director, SHAPE Center, Houston
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From Crisis to Power:
Breaking the Chains of Addiction
Moderator: Carrie Broadus, Exec. Dir., Woman Alive, Los Angeles
Dr. Reba Sobky, MD, Founder, Humanistic Alternatives to Addiction, Research & Treatment, San Francisco,
Dillon West LCDC, Deputy Director, Texas Alcoholism Foundation, Houston
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It's Time to Go Upstream
Rev. Edwin Sanders, Sr., Senior Servant, Metropolitan Interdenominational Church, Nashville, TN
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Crime & Punishment
Nkechi Taifa, Esq., Senior Policy Analyst, Open Society Policy Center, Washington, DC
Kate Rhee, Director, Prison Moratorium Project, Brooklyn, NY,
Dr. Divine Pryor, Executive Director, ADAPT, Brooklyn, NY,
Terri Hodge, Texas State Representative District 102, Dallas, TX,
Hon. John Creuzot, District Judge, Dallas County Criminal Court 102, Dallas, TX
Freddie Brookins, Sr., President, Tulia NAACP, Tulia, TX

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Justice or 'Just Us'
The Drug War & Criminalization of Our Youth
Moderator: Piper Anderson, Blackout Arts Collective, New York,
Tshaka Barrows, Project Manager, Community Justice Network for Youth, San Francisco, CA
Keith V. Branch, National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, Houston,
Chino Hardin, Organizer, Prison Moratorium Project, Brooklyn, NY
Vicki Spriggs, Executive Director, Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, Austin, TX,
Elizabeth Washington, Project Coordinator, TX State Conference of NAACP Chapters

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Moving Beyond Judgement
Morality & Drug Use
Moderator: Rev. Edwin Sanders, Sr., Senior Servant, Metropolitan Interdenominational Church, Nashville
Marvina Barber, President, Oasis Christian Center - Re-entry Program, San Antonio, TX,
Simon Bartee, Co-Founder, Winner's Circle, Houston, TX,
Rev. Robert Jefferson, Cullen Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX,
Eric Muhammad, Assistant to Minister Robert Muhammed, Nation of Islam Mosque No. 45, Houston, TX

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Suppose We Had A Real Democracy?
A Time for Imagination
Gara LaMarche, Vice President and Director of US Programs,
Open Society Institute, New York
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Innocents in Prison
A Time to End Complacency
Joyce Ann Brown, Executive Director, MASS, Dallas, TX
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The International War On Drugs
or How to Destabilize Countries and Make Enemies
Sanho Tree, Director, Drug Policy Project - Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, DC,
Alvelardo Valdez, Professor, Director, Office for Drug and Social Policy Research, University of Houston,
Antonio Gonzalez, President, William C. Velasquez Institute, Los Angeles, CA

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Where Do We Go From Here?
Federal & State Prospects for Reform
Moderator: Alberta Phillips, Editorial Writer, Columnist, Austin-American Statesman, Austin, TX
Gary Bledsoe, President, Texas State Conference of NAACP Chapters, Austin, TX,
Will Harrell, Executive Director, ACLU of Texas, Austin, TX,
Terri Hodge, Texas House of Representatives, District 102, Dallas, TX

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Reflections on the "War On Drugs"
Sheila Jackson Lee, U.S. House of Representatives, District 147, Houston, TX
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Closing Thoughts
Remember the Prisoners
Deborah Small, Director, Break the Chains, New York, NY
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Recorded by KPFTx and Dean Becker- Pictures by Natalie Jay - Thanks to the TSU Crew for their consistent support