Pacifica National Board
Finance Committee July 15, 2005
The adjourned meeting of July 15, 2005 was called to order at 3:10 pacific
standard time by David Adelson, Chair Pro Tem.


Present: Dave Adelson, Teresa Allen, Baruti Bediako, Jane Gatewood, Patty
Heffley, Casey McFall, Mark Roberts, Marnie Tattersall, Sandy Weinmann, LaVarn
Williams, Lonnie Hicks.

Guests: Ambrose Lane, iED.
Absent: none
1. Approval of Agenda
Motion by Heffley to approve the agenda with the following additions:
. Contingency plans for changes in CPB funding
. Report on Directors Inspections
. Election of Permanent Chair
. FY 06 Budget
Agenda approved with no objections.

2. Approval of Minutes
Motion by Roberts to approve the minutes for March 28, June 3, and June 190,
Passed with no objection

3. CFO Report
CFO Lonnie Hicks presented his report "Pacifica at a Financial Crossroads".
Discussion ensued regarding the current fiscal crisis at WBAI as well as issues
facing other stations.

Hicks will send the committee a contingency plan for dealing with the WBAI
issues before the next meeting.

Motion by Weinmann that the NFC recommend that the PNB approve a National Day
of Fundraising to address network financial issues before August 15, 2005.

Substitute motion by Allen that the NFC create a task force to be co-chaired by
the iED and LaVarn Williams to create a strategy for dealing with the current
financial crisis.
Motion withdrawn

No action was taken regarding the Weinmann motion. The issue was addressed in
the subsequent meeting.

Motion by Roberts to adjourn the meeting until July 21, 2005.
Passed with no objections.

Respectfully Submitted,
Casey McFall
These minutes were approved on August 2, 2005.