Draft Minutes - PNB Coordinating Committee - December 1st, 2010

Present: Richard, Nia, George, Efia, Tracy, Alonzo

Absent: Lavarn, Arlene, Joe, Ricco

Approved November 3rd minutes without objections - 1 abstention from Nia
because she missed the meeting.

I - Houston Logistics
II - 2011 Meeting Schedule
III- Board Orientation Packet
IV - Affiliate Election

Draft Agenda approved without objection

I - Houston Logistics

Accomodations: Four Points Sheraton hotel - $80/nite for singles, doubles,
triples or quadruples.

Or could meet at the hotel or use meeting room space at Leisure Learning.

Richard objects to using the Leisure Learning meeting facilities as a conflict
of interest.

Coordinating Committee to make a recommendation regarding the Leisure Learning
vs hotel option.

II - 2011 Meeting Schedule

Motion: Richard Uzzell - The Coordinating Committee recommends that due to
financial difficulties to reduce PNB meetings to three for the next year.

2 yes and 4 no - Motion fails

Richard requested a roll call vote: Nia and Richard voted yes, George, Efia,
Alonzo and Tracy voted no.

Motion: Tracy Rosenberg: Coordinating Committee to set tentative target dates
for the remaining 3 meetings in 2011.

Motion: Nia Bediako: Divide into 2 motions - one regarding setting a date for

5 yes and 1 no - Motion passes

Motion: Tracy Rosenberg: Coordinating Committee to set tentative target dates
for the remaining 2 meetings in 2011.

4 yes and 2 no - Motion passes

Target/Tentative Dates

April - Los Angeles = April 1-3
July - Washington DC = July 8-10
October - Berkeley = October 1-3

III - Board Orientation Packets

Lavarn and Richard met and discussed board orientation packets that the
National Office will prepare for the next in-person board meeting.

IV - Affiliate Election

4 nominees to be on PNB call for 10 minute question and answer session at next
PNB meeting.

Coordinating Committee to send out ballots after the next PNB meeting via email
with a 10-day return time.

Ballots returned to Christine Niera at the National Office. Count to be
performed in Berkeley at the National Office with 2-3 witnesses.