Minutes for the regular National Finance Committee meeting March 8, 2011.

Meeting convened at 8:41 PM (ET) a quorum being present, the Convener and
Secretary being present.
Attending: Ken Aaron, Jim Boyd, Bill Crosier, Campbell Johnson, Kim
Kaufman, R. Paul Martin, Tracy Rosenberg, Alex Steinberg, Barbara
Whipperman, Bruce Wolf, also attending was Executive Director Arlene

1. Call to order.
2. Roll Call.
3. Introductions.
4. Nominations and Election of Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.
5. Set schedule for the year.
6. Any emergency or pressing issues (e.g. audit requirements, KPFK budget.)
7. Carry over business from last year.
8. Review status of reporting from the stations and other business units.
9. Set targets for 1st quarterly review and report to the PNB.
10. Adjourn.

Introductions 8:43 PM (ET)

The members of the committee introduced themselves.

Nominations and Election of Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary 8:46 PM (ET)

Nominations for Chair

Ken Aaron nominated Tracy Rosenberg.

Campbell Johnson nominated himself.

There were no further nominations and nominations were closed.

It was decided that the voting for Chair would be conducted this way: the
Secretary would prepare a ballot and send that to Christine Neira at the
Pacifica National Office. Ms. Neira would then send copies with a cover
E-mail to each committee member and each committee member would return a
filled out ballot to Ms. Neira via E-mail. The deadline for voting will be
March 16, 2011. After the deadline Ms. Neira will count the ballots and
announce the results.

The two candidates for Chair of the committee made their speeches.

Chair pro tem 8:53 PM (ET)

The committee decided to elect a Chair pro tem.

Ken Aaron nominated Tracy Rosenberg.

There were no other nominations and Tracy Rosenberg was elected Chair pro
tem without objection.

Tracy Rosenberg assumed the Chair at 9:02 PM (ET).

Nominations for Secretary 9:04 PM (ET)

Tracy Rosenberg nominated R. Paul Martin for Secretary.

There were no other nominations. R. Paul Martin was elected Secretary
without objection.

Set schedule for the year 9:05 PM (ET)

The committee discussed a meeting schedule for the next year.

Motion: (Tracy Rosenberg) "That the 2011 NFC meet on the second and fourth
Tuesdays of every month, except for November when our regularly scheduled
meetings will be on November 15, and November 29. This schedule remains in
effect until the last meeting of the 2011/2012 PNB." (Passed without

Any emergency or pressing issues 9:21 PM (ET)

The Chair told the committee that the PNB had given a deadline of April 15,
2011, for the KPFK FY11 budget to be submitted.

The committee discussed the PNB audit task force. The auditor's report
cited a number of areas that Pacifica needs to improve on. The most
pressing area is the lower listener support revenues at the stations. The
point of the task force is to examine the auditor's report and recommend
solutions and specific actions to address the issues it raises.

NFC members may join this task force in the future in addition to the
members who are already on it.

KPFK budget 9:43 PM (ET)

The KPFK Finance Committee will meet next Monday. At the end of January
KPFK was about 5% ahead of FY11 budget projections, although the last
on-air fund drive missed its goal by $180,000. The KPFK Treasurer said that
she would try to get the draft FY11 budget to the KPFK LSB in two weeks.
Moves of WBAI and WPFW 9:56 PM (ET)

The committee discussed the moves of both stations.

WPFW Move 9:56 PM (ET)

The Executive Director said that WPFW's lease expires in July 2012, but
they are hoping to extend that to the end of 2012, after which the building
will be demolished. WBAI's lease ends on December 31, 2012. It was reported
that there have been talks with the University of the District of Columbia
about WPFW moving there. However if there are budget cuts in the District
of Columbia this might not be possible, and the university would want some
branding rights as part of the deal.

It was reported that WPFW is seeking a grant for new equipment and that the
grant would be used to provide the equipment for the new space.

WBAI Move 10:08 PM (ET)

A Director has had some informal discussions with the WBAI General Manager
about the move. The General Manager is exploring options and working on
generating funds for this move. It was suggested the we should have the
WBAI General Manager on the next NFC teleconference meeting. The Executive
Director reported that she's working with a real estate agent on the WBAI
move, she's not 100% pleased with the agent. The WBAI General Manager has
been working on this, the Executive Director will be concentrating on it
more in the near future.

Carry over business from last year 10:13 PM (ET)

Minutes 10:14 PM (ET)

The minutes are posted. It was agreed that at the next meeting we would
attempt to approve the draft minutes that haven't been approved yet.

Set targets for 1st quarterly review and report to the PNB 10:23 PM (ET)

The committee discussed the bylaws mandated quarterly reports on budget
compliance by LSBs. The committee agreed that all LSBs should do Q1 reports
on their FY11 budgets, the Treasurers will have to make sure this happens.

New Business

The committee discussed the timetable for the FY12 budgets. This and other
FY12 budget issues will be brought up at the next meeting.

Motion: (Ken Aaron) "To adjourn." (passed without objection)

Adjourned 10:22 PM (ET).

Submitted by R. Paul Martin, Secretary.