Pacifica National Board
Finance Committee Meeting - October 29, 2004


Because of the resignation of Chair Mark Roberts, the meeting was called to
order by Secretary Paul Surovell at 12:40 pm Pacific Time.

The following members were present: Dave Adelson, Henry Cooper, Carol Spooner,
Alice Shields, Paul Surovell, LaVarn Williams

The Committee elected Dave Adelson as Chair Pro-Tem without objection.

Lonnie Hicks and Sandy Weinman arrived later during the meeting.

The minutes of the 9-24-04 meeting were approved.


The following agenda was approved:

(1) Discussion of policy on inter-station transfers
(2) Discussion of policy on under-and over-budgeted line items.
(3) Discussion of PNB member Ambrose Lane's proposal to establish a $25-50
million line of credit for Pacifica.
(4) Station Treasurer Reports
(5) Regular reports of MEMSYS data on fund-raising and membership.
(6) CFO report on preliminary 9-04 financial data.
(7) Report on WBAI fund-drive (1 week actuals).


Carol made the following motion:

"Any unbudgeted inter-station transfers must be approved by the National
Finance Committee."

The following discussion took place on what is meant by the term "inter-station

Lonnie described five examples of monetary "transfers" between local stations
and the National Office:

(1) Budgeted assessments on stations to pay for legal expenses.
(2) Un-budgeted assessments on stations to pay for legal settlements or new
legal bills.

[For the above 2 examples, existing practice is to charge the 3 large stations
25% and the 2 smaller stations 12.5% of the total assessment]

(3) Bill-backs -- National gets a bill then bills back to the stations.
Example: election costs.
(4) Transfers between the stations and the National Office -- payroll, health
benefits, new hires.
(5) Transfer of a "surplus." If a station makes more than is budgeted, who
owns the surplus? Does the station get to spend 80% of the surplus any way it
wants to?

At the end of the discussion the motion was tabled.


Lonnie agreed to submit proposed policies at the next meeting on Approval and
Reporting of Line Items that are Over-budgeted and Under-budgeted by 5%, and
which are at least $10,000 in amount.

Lonnie suggested possible policies that would (1) require review and or
approval by the National Finance Committee of all line items that are over- or
under-budgeted by 5% and (2) would allow National Office emergency payments for
purposes such as legal expenses and payroll.


After a discussion of Ambrose Lane's proposal for a $25-50 million line of
credit, Henry Cooper agreed to draft a motion for the next meeting that would
ask Ambrose to explain the purpose and motivation of his proposal.


A discussion took place on reports of the completed fund drives at KPFA, KPFK
and WPFW, and the current fund drive at WBAI as well as the upcoming fund drive
at KPFT (see Appendix A).


A discussion took place on the Committee's revisiting of the WBAI budget on 11-
15-04, as required by the PNB resolution.


It was agreed to hold the next meeting of the PNB Finance Committee on Friday,
11-12-04 at 12:30 Pacific time.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Surovell
These minutes were approved on 11/12/04.

Appendix A - Fall Drive Comparisons

Pacifica Fund Drive Broadcasts Comparisons
KPFA-FM 94.1 Goal: 20 days @ $50,000 per day for a total of $1 million
in pledges
Actual: 22 days @ $44,400 per day for a total of
$976.9K or 97.7%; Democracy Now broadcasts Mon - Fri at 6 am and 9 am
KPFK Goal: Total pledges of $950 thousand dollars
Actual: 13 days @ $81,500 per day for a total of
$1,060K or 111.6%; Democracy Now broadcasts Mon - Fri at 6am and 9am plus
during the Fund Drive only two additional two shows most days at 2 or 3 pm and
7 or 8 pm
WBAI Goal: 18 days @ $50, 000 per day for a total of $900K
in pledges;
Drive -to-date: 10 days @ $37,400 per day for a total of $374.0 K or 41.6%
Democracy Now broadcasts Mon - Fri at 9 am with some shows extending
nearly 3 hours in length

All information is preliminary with Democracy Now Broadcasts viewed as the
major variable.
Other KPFK success factors include logging pledges prior to drive, limiting
premiums to two per hour, hourly management of premiums and $35 premiums. In
summary, the outstanding numbers achieved by KPFK in limited pledge days (as
compared to KPFA); alleviates both listener and staff fatigue. Also, shared
data of fall fund drives present an opportunity for stations and particularly
WBAI to utilize success strategies in the current drive. The one major
variable viewed at this point is the additional broadcasts of Democracy Now
during a critical period of national elections, the continuing war on Iraq, the
genocide and recolonization of Haiti, and the ongoing genocide and occupation
of Palestine.
KPFA Memsys 10/29/04 at 11:26 by CFS
KPFK Dave Adelson on 10/29/04 PacNatlFinComm Meeting (to be confirmed by KPFK
Development and/or GM from Memsys)
WBAI Paul Surovell and Lonnie Hicks on 10/29/04 PacNatlFinComm Meeting (Day 10
at 3pm EDT)