Pacifica National Board
Finance Committee Meeting - December 10, 2004


December 10, 2004, 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time by Telephone Conference

Members present: Chair Dave Adelson, Henry Cooper, Alice Shields, Carol
Spooner, Paul Surovell, Donna Warren, LaVarn Williams
Members absent: CFO Lonnie Hicks, Sandy Weinman, Warren Turner

The meeting was called to order by the Chair. Carol Spooner agreed to take the
minutes because Secretary Paul Surovell had to leave the meeting early.

The minutes of the November 12, 2004 Finance Committee Meeting were approved
without objection.

Paul Surovell reported that he had written to the Chair of the Audit Committee,
Teresa Allen, concerning the audit of the interdivision transfers from 2002
forward, but had not received a response.

Motion by Adelson that Henry Cooper call Ms. Allen to follow up with her on the
audit committee's follow-through with the auditor on inter-division transfers.
Passed without objection.

The committee had not yet received the October financial reports for review.
Chair Adelson agreed to query the CFO concerning when the October financial
reports will be ready.

Motion by Surovell
That the finance committee receive a monthly report from each station of the
number of active members (persons who have contributed $25 or more during the
previous 12 months).
Passed without objection

Motion by Surovell:
to ask KPFK management for information on its successful fund drives.
The motion was amended: That Dave Adelson will talk to the station management
and report back to the Finance Committee on the successful KPFK fund drives.
Passed without objection

Motion by Surovell
That the Station General Managers shall provide monthly preliminary station
financial reports (Income Statements) to their respective Local Finance
Committees when they close their books each month at the time they transmit
their information to the national finance office.
Passed without objection

Motion by Adelson (from the KPFK LSB)
That stations fund-drive revenues in excess of goal be exempted from central
services payments. The motion was tabled for further discussion. It was
suggested that another approach would be to exempt stations from payment of
Central Services once they had paid the budgeted Central Services amount for
the year.

The committee discussed a policy on reporting inter-division transfers. There
was general consensus that the finance committee must be notified of UNBUDGETED
interdivision transfers -- whether for cash flow shortages, or extraordinary or
unanticipated expenses. It was suggested
that any such transfer of $5,000 or more should require National Finance
Committee Approval, and a transfer of $20,000 or more should require PNB
approval. Carol agreed to draft a proposed resolution for the next committee

The committee discussed a policy on review and approval of budget over-runs. It
was suggested that overages of 5% or $10,000, whichever is larger, should be
explained and reviewed by the National Finance Committee.

The next meeting was scheduled for Friday, December 17th, at 12:30 p.m. Pacific

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Spooner
Secretary Pro Tem
(In the place of Secretary Paul Surovell)
These minutes were approved on 12/17/04.