Pacifica National Board
Finance Committee July 29, 2005

The adjourned meeting of July 15, 2005 was called to order at 3:10 pacific
standard time by David Adelson, Chair Pro Tem.


Present: Dave Adelson, Teresa Allen, Baruti Bediako, Jane Gatewood, Patty
Heffley, Casey McFall, Mark Roberts, Sandy Weinmann, LaVarn Williams, Lonnie

Guests: Ambrose Lane, iED; Roy Campanella, GM KPFA.

Excused: Mark Roberts

Proposed Agenda
1. Roll Call and Approval of Agenda
2. Approval of minutes
3. Election of Committee Chair
4. Review of May Financials and current budget status
5. Report from working group on immediate financial needs
6. FY 06 budget process/status
7. Schedule next meeting

1. Approval of Agenda
Motion by Hicks to move item #4 to item #6.
Motion fails.

Report on Directors Inspections added to the agenda.

Agenda approved as amended.

2. Approval of Minutes
Approval of minutes was postponed to the next meeting.

3. Election of Committee Chair
Candidates for Chair are David Adelson and Marnie Tattersall. Each candidate
made a brief statement. Elections will be held by mail. The Committee Secretary
will send out ballots and voting instructions via email. Ballots must be
returned by August 16, 2005.

4. Review of May Financial Statements
Lengthy question and discussion period regarding May Financial statements and
current fiscal situation.

5. Next Meeting
Motion by Adelson that Marnie Tattersall serve as Chair Pro Tem at the next
Passed with no objections.

Motion by Heffley to adjourn the meeting until Tuesday August 2, 2005 at 2:00
p.m. pacific standard time.
Passed with no objections.

Respectfully Submitted,
Casey McFall
These minutes were approved on August 2, 2005.