12/8/04 WPFW LSB Meeting - Minutes
December 8, 2004; 7:00PM
UDC Building 38
Call-to-Order: 7:38PM
Roll Call: Mark Berman (MB), Jim Brown (JB), Acie Byrd (AB), Billy Ray Edwards
(BRE), Joni Eisenberg (JE), Mike Gillespie (MG), Luzette King (LK), Ambrose
Lane (AL), Dan Logan (DL), Kalonji Olusegun (KO), Ron Pinchback (RP), Rob
Robinson (RR), Thomas Ruffin (TR), Zarinah Shakir (ZS), Katea Stitt (KS),
Warren Turner (WT), Ray Whitfield (RW)
Members-Elect: member-elect Cade Campbell (CC), Joe Chiara (JC), Jane Gatewood
(JG), Steve Hoffman (SH), Gloria Turner (GT)
Excused Absences: Norberto Martinez -- Congratulations to Norberto, whose wife
just delivered a baby boy! -- (NM), member-elect Ayo Handy-Kendi (AH-K), Hakam
Takash (HK), member-elect Carol Wolfe (CW)
I. Approve Agenda:
BRE: argued that a 10th new member to the LSB should be seated to replace a
member who had three, consecutive unexcused absences; to continue to allow this
member of the LSB to participate violates the bylaws. JB: responded that Dan
Logan, for example, had been excused for health reasons. MB: MOVED, SECONDED
all absences for the past six (6) months be excused. BRE: requested a roll call
vote . Further discussion. APPROVED (11 yeas, 3 nays, 1 abstention). RW: must
votes occur immediately after seconds? JB: - No. MB: request agenda add
consideration of issue pertaining to use of public financing to build new
baseball stadium in D.C.; Berman proposal added to agenda by acclamation. RP:
requested GM be permitted to report before votes on Mark Roberts'
reinstatement. JE: MOVED, SECONDED advancing GM's report. BRE: opposes motion.
APPROVED (13 yeas, 3 nays,1 abstention). AGENDA APPROVED by acclamation.
II. Approve/Append Minutes of Prior Meetings:
Minutes of November 10, 2004, APPROVED by acclamation.
IV. Chair's Comments & Reports:
General Manager's Report:
LSB Elections: congratulations to newly-elected current and new LSB members.
Thanks to LSB Elections Supervisor Angela Lauria for her efforts. Noted
election survey enclosed with ballots brought in $5,000. Station relocation:
lease expires in 2005; meetings with architects and leasing agent taking place;
need for $1million Capital Campaign for station offices. Programming: WPFW &
Verna Avery Brown are producing Headline News, now carried by other Pacifica
stations and affiliates. WPFW plans coverage of Congressional hearings on Hill.
By the end of January we will be able to archive programs weekly. New Pacifica
project takes the best local station programs and distributes them on the
internet. WPFW is in the black, financially.
BRE: WPFW provided valuable community service by using its voice to make D.C.
Cab Drivers' strike successful in averting fast-track legislation by Council of
D.C. ... The Post picked up the story the next day after WPFW reported it. RP:
Billy Ray Edwards was proactive in providing the points we needed to report.
JB: thanks to Billy Ray. RW: he's been with us for 25 years. All members of the
LSB joined JB in applauded Billy Ray for his role.
AL: Questions on expiry of lease, availability of McKinley Technical High
School and $1 million budget? RP: -- lease expires in October '05; no prospects
yet, agent is looking; archtiect and engineer suggested estimated square
footage @ $25 per square footage; need more and better space, parking; will
look at McKinley have not weighed McKinley option in detail. Discussion.
LK: have we looked at the DC Council building? Re election: I'm thankful to
Angela Lauria for improving LSB elections. Re cabs, I was at the city council
meeting. We underestimate our strength. BRE was testifying. A man was smirking
as BRE spoke, but his smirk went away and he stood up to hear him better. RP: --
will seek space options in economic development zones.
RW: the question is, are we also considering buying instead of renting?
KS: re: move, do plans include a music and reference library and a space for
live performances? RP: -- 850 square feet should be the right space for all of
this. TR: who's the architect? RP: -- a brother who has his own firm. We liked
his creativity and he'll keep our cost in mind. TR: will you put his info into
an email tomorrow? RP: -- yes.
JB: Mark Roberts has asked to address us about his request that his resignation
be rescinded. After addressing us and discussing it, we'll vote on whether or
not to rescind his resignation. MR: in October I had a difference with this LSB
on the GM selection process. You know my record as a working member of the LSB.
I'm asking the members of the LSB to rescind my resignation. BRE: believes it
may be too late to consider rescission vote. Discussion. MB: MOVED to vote to
rescind Roberts' resignation, SECONDED. Further discussion, some pro, some con
rescission vote. Question called (13 yeas, 3 nays, no abstentions) rescission
of Mark Roberts resignation is APPROVED. LK: Pointed out that the LSB had not
followed a uniform practice in responding to resignations and filling
vacancies. Urged the LSB take this opportunity to establish a procedure.
Insisted that filling vacancies was not the same as electing members to the
board. RW: MOVED proposal that all LSB resignations must be accepted by the LSB
to be effective, SECONDED, discussion pro and con; (4 yeas, 10nays,
2abstention) MOTION FAILS.
III a. Welcome to Newly-Elected LSB Members
JB: newly-elected listener members present include: Cade Campbell, Joe Chiara,
Jane Gatewood, and Gloria Turner; newly-elected members who requested to be
excused are: Ayo Handy-Kendi and Carol WolfeM; re-elected listener members
include: Luzette King, Thomas Ruffin and Zarinah Shakir; newly-elected staff
members present include Blues programmer, Steve Hoffman; re-elected staff
members include Joni Eisenberg; newly-elected staff members who requested to be
excused include Hakam Takash. Alicia Millen is first alternate on the
listeners' side. Donny McKethan is first alternate on the staff side.
JB: Report of LSB Accomplishments for the Year: Ryme and Rob have cooperated to
address lack of LSB Secretary for five months. Appointment of a Committee
Advisory Board satisfies Bylaws requirement to comply with Corporation for
Public Broadcasting Funding Guidelines. Acknowledged that programming should be
primary focus of fundraising. The LSB has its own page on the WPFW web site. A
newsletter is planned and a new member has volunteered to work on it. The LSB
Programming Committee gave valuable information regarding mission fulfillment.
An inventory for an equipment upgrade has been completed and will be funded. RR
has something to say about that. Standing committees: finance, outreach and
development, management assessment and search, inclusion - are functional and
working with station management. We selected a commercial real estate agent to
represent us in the search for new space. MASC conducted GM search after
screening 60 resumes. They presented the ED with 5 candidates. The Programming
Committee with management is developing new program proposal and producing a
monthly LSB program report. The LSB developed a waiver resolution for LSB
elections and the Committee of Inclusion has taken on that task. We'll leave
the waiver on out agenda until we reach acceptable resolution. We have taken an
active part on the National Board. The LSB understanding with the GM, staff and
programmers is that we are all on the same team. We have planned a retreat to
enable us to work together more cooperatively and effectively. RW: raised
question about policy on waivers pertaining to establishment of quotas of
waivers allowed in any given LSB election. KO: wondering if LSB alternates
(i.e., candidates next in line for LSB, subject to resignations, removals) can
serve on that committee. Query about Management Assessment and Search Committee
rank ordering candidates for Pacifica Executive Director. JB: MOVED that a
retreat committee be established to design retreat to be held in January 2005;
SECONDED, (12 yeas, 0 nays, 2 abstentions) motion APPROVED.
With Jim Brown, retreat committee includes Ayo Handy-Kendi, Ambrose Lane,
Kalonji Olusegun and Carol Wolfe; meeting set for WPFW station next Wednesday,
December 15@ 7:00PM. LSB applaud's Jim Brown for his leadership in a new role.
ZS: reminds JB to amend his report to include the fundraiser featuring Michael
Moore's film Farenheit 9/11. BRE: welcomes new members; urges them to
familiarize themselves with Pacifica's revised Bylaws; asks that retreat
emphasize following Bylaws, admitting mistakes. JB: -- it will.
III b. Setting Regularly Scheduled Meeting
JB: Can we set a date for inaugural meeting in January to seat new members,
elect new PNB members, elect LSB officers? LK: -- keep it Wednesdays @7:00 PM.;
improve use of the airwaves. JE: some people who have trouble with the date may
not be here tonight. Jane Gatewood: this is too complex; do it in writing. JB:
-- So, we will wait until January and do it on the first available Wednesday @
JB: Attempts to recognize Lonnie Hicks, Pacifica's CFO and Executive Director,
Dan Coughlin. TR: objects. JB: -- motion to temporarily suspend agenda to allow
them to briefly address LSB meeting, MOVED, SECONDED, (15 yeas, 3 nays, 0
abstentions) motion is APPROVED.
Dan Coughlin: he and CFO Lonnie Hicks are in town to interview GM candidate
finalists. We're here to pay our respects. We'll have a candidate and a report
within a week. A few comments...in its 25-year history WPFW set positive trend
in past 4 years generating surpluses by exceeding revenue estimates from pledge
drives. Pacifica now has solid credit. Pacifica will fund equipment upgrades
for WPFW. (Lonnie Hicks suggested this would be financed, but Coughlin agreed
this would be a national expenditure)
III c. Transition Election Schedule
JB: May I ask Angela Lauria about the January elections? Angela Lauria: -- I am
no longer acting in an official capacity, so I'm not here officially. My
interpretation is that the newly-elected LSB members become members in
December, but elections may take place at a later time in January. JB: I've
asked Angela if she'll supervise next month's elections to elect directors to
the Pacifica National Board from this LSB and for officers of the LSB. Angela:
-- yes, I will do that, but as a volunteer.
IV. Community Comment:
JG: May we have a report on the Co-op? JB: -- Yes. At their last meeting, Ron
presented a plan to the Co-op for including all members in the news department.
The Co-op has to look at it and get back to us. JE: --we had two meetings. Ron
was to make a presentation. Then later the committee would meet after that. I
urge the Co-op to talk with us. Ryme Kathkhouda (D.C. Co-op): -- the
presentation from Ron needed details to be fixed. We have a labor crisis re:
flow and process and participation. Ron, Askia and I were to thresh it out.
THEN Ron was to present to Co-op for more input. Maybe we need more process
because we're walking out of different realities. Input from other staff should
help that. I was surprised not to see the Co-op on the agenda. A 40- to 60-day
grievance process should be in place. JB: --I want to review the notes of the
meeting. Ryme: --I bring in 15 years of management experience. I caution the
Board that when they hear there's a money surplus, they should think about
where the money is NOT being spent.
Listener #1: (from the Maryland "desert"): I consider WPFW to be an "oasis"
enabling us hear other sides of the story. I heard about the station when a
friend called me from Kansas and said for me to listen to WPFW, which she had
heard about on the web. The word needs to be out there. Most people don't know
about WPFW. I'm a contractor and I see many people and tell them about it.
Bumper stickers would be a good idea.
(JB: --our dire weakness is promotion. With new energy we might be able to do
Listener #2: congratulations new members. You'll be a positive force. Don't go
back to unproductive ways of the past. WPFW is very important, so lets not
jeopardize it.
Listener #3: thanks to Listener #1 for his comments. At the beginning of last
year I tried to do a lot more outreach. A lot more can be done. I meet people
daily who don't know about WPFW - people who would love it. It should be
required listening.
(JB: he's one of our staunch volunteers: thank you.)
Listener #4: I was programmer 17 years ago. I'd like to become involved again.
The station's been together for 17 years! I hope for good things in the future.
V. Old Business: Acknowledging Outgoing LSB Members
JB: Let's hear a parting word from members who will not be with us next year.
IV.Ray Whitfield: You won't have an opportunity to miss me because I will be
right here. I encourage new members to consider where they see the station 2-5
years hence. Have benchmarks to see if you've achieved your goals.
JB: --we'll also miss Mike Gillispie and Warren Turner.
Mike Gillispie: Thanks. Everyone's off to a good start.
Warren Turner: I'll be right next to Ray Whitfield watching.
JB: Additionally, Tom Fulcher, Maria Garcia Ali and Shujaa Graham (who are not
present) won't be back.
BRE: Ray Whitfield's not running was a great loss to me.
VI. New Business:
the LSB's Proposal to Disapprove Council of the District of Columbia's
Resolution to Use Public Funds to Construct a New Baseball Stadium
RW: the stadium is something we need to be aware of. I read something by a
young woman about the media not being part of the story; WPFW can take very
strong position by giving other voices air-time. BRE: I agree with Ray but am
concerned that editorializing is a delicate issue in Pacifica. Let's not
editorialize but instead address the issue. AB: I support the proposal for the
LSB to take a position.. Most news organizations take positions, make
endorsements. Members of City Council have made a compelling case. WE need to
take a position. TR: I propose a RESOLUTION of the LSB opposing the
construction of a baseball stadium involving the use of public funds, SECONDED.
DL: I love baseball. If we vote down public financing, we won't get baseball; I
propose a SUBSTITUTE MOTION: to reach a fair deal, NO SECOND, SUBSTITUTE FAILS.
ZS: Suggest Town Hall Meeting. And I don't like baseball. AL: hypocrisy of
stadium financial proposal is reflected in the fact we don't even have Little
League baseball in DC. Where are the proposed stadium owners on this issue? My
grandson plays in Howard County. I support baseball. The Mayor won't even meet
with people. AL: AMENDS THE MOTION that the GM devote to this issue 6 hours
over one day or 3 hours over two days, so it can be fully explored. MB: I
played professional baseball and I love it, but other needs are far more
important than baseball. MR: the Washington Senators were here when I grew up.
I agree with Ray, once the station editorializes it sets things in motion; I
call for the question; LK: will the time allocated provide that all sides of
the issue be heard? JB: -- yes, absolutely; (15 yeas, 1 nay, 0 abstentions)
motion to disapprove use of public financing and allocation of air-time is
APPROVED. Mark Berman and Ambrose will do a written statement by tomorrow and
forward it to Ron Pinchback . RR: I'll email Ron and everyone a copy of this
JE: WPFW has been awarded a grant from Sound Partners for Community Health. We
can use the station to encourage people to exercise and eat better.
ZS: I'd like to go on record urging the General Manager to announce LSB
meetings more than two days in advance. RW: all comments on poor notification
are correct.
AB: I have an orange button on Representative John Conyers (D-MI) held hearings
on the Presidential elections today. We're asking people to wear ribbons in
KO: Don't the Pacifica revised Bylaws require that the new people be seated
Angela Lauria: -- Given that there was a two-week delay in the election cycle,
there is justification for the new members not being seated today.
Adjournment: 10:40PM

WPFW Local Station Board
Roll Call Vote: 12/08/04
Mark Berman: "All LSB members' absences for past six months shall be excused."
LSB Member
(absent or excused) AYE NAY Abstain
|Absent or Excused | | | |
| | | | |
|Mark Berman |X | | |
|Sarah C. Bittle |X | | |
|Jim Brown |X | | |
|Acie Byrd |X | | |
|Billy Ray Edwards | |X | |
|Joni Eisenberg |X | | |
|Thomas Fulcher | | | |
|Maria Garcia Ali | | | |
|Mike Gillispie |X | | |
|Luzette King | | |X |
|Ambrose Lane, Sr. |X | | |
|Dan Logan |X | | |
|Norberto Martinez | | | |
|Kalonji Olusegun |X | | |
|Rob Robinson | |X | |
|Thomas Ruffin | | | |
|Zarinah Shakir | | | |
|Katea Stitt |X | | |
|Warren Turner | |X | |
|Ray Whitfield |X | | |
| | | | |
|TOTALS |11 |3 |1 |
| | | | |