11/9/05 WPFW LSB Meeting - Minutes
WPFW Local Station Board Meeting
November 9, 2005, 7:00 p.m.
The Flemming Center, Washington, DC

Call to Order: 7:30 p.m.
1. Board members in attendance:

Billy Ray Edwards
Jim Brown
Carol Wolfe
Gloria Turner
Kalonji Olusegun
Katea Stitt Joe Chiara
Zarinah Shakir
Cade Campbell
Donnie McKethan
Acie Byrd Luzette King
Thomas Ruffin
Sarah Bittle
Ayo Handy Kendi
Jane Gatewood
Ron Pinchback, WPFW General Manager and non-voting LSB member, was also in
Excused: Ambrose Lane, Dan Logan, Hakam Takash, Mark Berman, Rob Robinson, Joni
Eisenberg asked to be excused. Jim moves to excuse these members. Sarah
seconds. Without objection they are excused.
Unexecused: Norberto Martinez, Mark Roberts,
Katea Stitt is resigning from the LSB to become road manager of Sweet Honey and
the Rock.
Carol moves to regretfully accept Katea's resignation. Cade seconds. Without
objection, motion carries and Katea's resignation is accepted.
2. Review and Approval of Agenda
Zarinah moves to add under old business, cleaning the station. And, under
reports, a report from Outreach & Development.
Jane asks Zarinah if LSB needs to vote on PNB proposed bylaws changes. Zarinah
believes it was tabled. Jim will check.
Jane asks that governance committee issues be placed under old business.
Luzette asks that we add as an item Rob's report on programming. Jane suggests
we include that under PNB reports.
Billy Ray asks that under old business we place discussion of LSB report
presented on the air.
Joe moves to accept agenda with above changes. Billy Ray seconds. Without
objection, the revised agenda is accepted.
3. Review and approval of minutes.
Jane moves to accept minutes, Sarah seconds. Without objection the minutes are
4. LSB Committee Reports
Zarinah opens discussion of using the same venue that Ayo is using for her
event to provide a holiday fund raising party organized by LSB. The proposal is
to start the LSB event at about 9:00 pm on Saturday, December 17. No alcohol or
Carol moves to allow Outreach & Development to continue checking on details and
proceeding with the December 17 event if it is feasible. Jane seconds.
Ayo calls the question. On closing debate: 10 ayes. 2 nays. 1 abstention.
Discussion closes.
The vote on the motion: 12 in favor. 0 opposed. Motion carries.
Jane gives a brief overview of PNB Finance Committee report. December FC
meeting will focus on what kind of quarterly reporting FC and LSB want. PNB
comptroller has asked that all LSB members receive, read, and sign a copy of
the FCC payola rules. The same rules that apply to programmers apply to LSB
members. The rules and forms are distributed. Each member is asked to read,
sign and return them to Ron.
Cade continues the Outreach and Development report by announcing that an LSB
Town Hall meeting will be held on December 3 1-5 pm at Martin Luther King
Library. Cade is working on the agenda right now and convening a panel
discussion. Cade asks that LSB members who want to provide input send her e-
mails. Would like this to be the first of an annual event that gives listeners
an opportunity to provide their views. This will be an LSB Town Hall Meeting.
Billy Ray moves that the Town Hall meeting be tabled until we can have
discussion of the programming issues and LSB responsibilities outlined in Rob's
proposal to the PNB. Luzette seconds.
Jim rules motion out of order since the issue that Rob brought up will not be
voted on until next year. Luzette challenges the ruling. Jane takes over as
chair. Discussion follows.
Thomas calls the question. Without objection, debate closes.
The vote is taken to allow Billy Ray's motion to stand. 7 in favor 2 opposed 4
abstentions. Billy Ray's motion stays on the table.
Jane calls the question. Without objection, discussion closes.
0 in favor 9 opposed 1 abstention. The motion is defeated.
Carol moves to proceed with plans for December 3 LSB Town Hall meeting that
Cade is coordinating with the help of the Outreach and Development Committee
and any other LSB members who would like to help. Jane seconds. 9 in favor 1
oppposed. 1 abstention. Motion carries.
Joe moves that the LSB ask the PNB to postpone decision on Rob's programming
proposal until the LSB can have discussion. Joe withdraws motion.
5. General Managers report.
Discussion follows.
6. PNB Report submitted in writing by Zarinah.
7. Community comment begins at 9:05 pm. Community comment closes at 9:25.
8. Old Business
a. Forms drafted by Pacifica national office and those proposed by MASC
committee for GM, PD and job description for Program Director
Acie moves that discussion be moved to a special executive session as some MASC
committee member concerns should be discussed in closed session. Carol seconds.
Discussion continues.
Jane moves to amend Acie's motion to strike "special executive" and "closed" to
make the session open. Luzette seconds.
Luzette calls the question. 8 ayes. Opposed 1. Discussion closes.
7 in favor of amendment. 1 opposed. 2 abstentions. Amendment carries.
Discussion continues.
Motion on the floor: Acie moves that discussion of concerns about the MASC
committee be moved to a special session. Jane seconds.

Luzette calls the question. 6 in favor of ending discussion. 1 opposed.
Discussion closes.
7 in favor of Acie's motion. 0 opposed. 1abstention. Motion carries.
Luzette moves that we include in the special session discussion of national
forms and that we direct our PNB reps to ask the national board to delay voting
on the programming proposal until the LSB has had a chance to discuss it. Jane
10 in favor. 0 opposed. Motion carries.
Thomas moves that within the next two weeks MASC have an open meeting wherein
they look at and make a preliminary assessment of the evaluation and job
Motion is determined out of order as it contradicts previous motions. There is
no second.
Several dates are proposed for the special meeting and a vote is taken.
Nov 21: 5 in favor Nov 30: 8 in favor
The special meeting will be on Wednesday, November 30, 2005.
Chair confirms three items on the agenda for the special meeting: 1) Concerns
about the MASC committee, 2) Recommendations made by MASC and provided by
Pacifica national office for evaluation forms for GM and PD and job description
of PD, 3) Programming document drafted by Rob Robinson.
Billy Ray moves to adjourn. Acie seconds the motion.
5 in favor of adjourning. 2 opposed. 2 abstentions. Meeting is adjourned at
10:45 p.m.