Governance Committee Agenda
Nov 8, 2011

I. Call to Order by co-chair Marcel Reid
II. Roll call
III. Approval of minutes of last meeting
IV. Approval of Agenda
V . Agenda
1. Picking next meeting date
2. Motion concerning interim management limited tenor(**Malcolm Burnstein Motion)
3. Quorums issues
a. How many meeting called that miss quorum before
committee is reorganized?
b. How long after the board is slated before a committee must meet�
and reach quorum?
c. No quorum minutes
4. Rule to require management to provide any documents regarding finance
and operations to LSB and or stakeholders
5. Oversight of Code of Conduct by MSRC (Management Search Review Committee)
and Governance

VI. New Business
VII. Adjournment


A slight amendment to my motion, as follows:


Be it resolved, that the PNB Governance Committee recommends to the PNB the following:

Resolved that wherever the Bylaws address the hiring, supervision, evaluation and removal of management personnel, the
role of the LSB shall be the same whether the appointment is considered "interim" -- which shall not exceed 6 months --
or permanent. Management positions that are "temporary" or "acting" shall not exceed 3 months in duration and no such
appointments will be made without the�approval (providing for�review and recommendation)�of the LSB.

Further, be it resolved that Temporary/Acting and Interim General Managers may not make permanent hires and
Temporary/Acting and Interim Program Directors may not make permanent Program Changes without the explicit approval of
the process by the LSB.