KPFK Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, April 7, 2007 12:30 pm
Jewel's Catch One, Community Meeting Room
4067 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

This is a proposed agenda, subject to alteration.

I. Call to Order
Welcome & Acknowledgements
Call of the Roll
Motion for Excused Absences
Review and Approval of the Agenda [subtotal 10 mins]
Approval of Minutes - including outdated minutes if any [10 mins]
[total: 20 minutes]

II. Comments By The Chair [3 mins]

III. Old business
Motion(s) postponed from last meeting on recommendations to
Motion on ICE raids alert broadcast policy - Argueta [subtotal 30

IV. Business Manager report [30 minutes]

V. Finalization of committee memberships [10 mins]

VI. Standing Advisory Committee Reports: [A] Governance - 30 mins [B]
Finance - 15 mins
[C] Personnel - 5 mins [D] Outreach - 5 mins [E] Programming Oversight
- 10 mins [subtotal: 60 minutes]

VII. PNB Directors reports [20 mins]

VIII. Public Comment [10 minutes]

IX. Announcements/Adjournment [3 minutes] (Consistent with Board
Policy the Chair will call for Public Comment at various points in the
agenda. Any unused portion of the 30 minutes assigned to Public
Comment will be used in Agenda Item IX.)
[grand total both meetings: 210 mins = 3 hours 30 mins]