Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting of 3/09/04

A special meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on Tuesday, March
09, 2004, at 7:40 p.m. in the Student Union Building of Cal State Los Angeles,
5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles 90032. The meeting was chaired by Don
White. This being a special meeting, no minutes were read or approved.

Twenty-three Members present, constituting a quorum: Grace Aaron, David
Adelson, Maria Armoudian, Sara Amir, Marie Deary, Jim DiEugenio, Israel Feuer,
Bill Gallegos, Sherna Gluck, Jan Goodman, Terry Goodman, Jane Hallaren, Sonali
Kolhatkar, Alan Minsky, Ed Pearl, Margaret Prescod, Leslie Radford, Julie
Rodriguez, Madeline Schwab, Fernando Velazquez, Donna Warren, Harrison Weil,
Don White

Two Members absent: Nile ElWardani, Eva Georgia

Chair: Don White

The Delegates meeting and LSB meeting which followed were recorded by Jack
VanAken and an audio version is currently online at
http://www.dogsofnow.net/lsb/9mar04lsb/9mar04lsb.html. Bracketed numbers in
these minutes refer to section starts in the elapsed timings of ten MP3 format
audio files, named by date and sequentially numbered.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:40 pm by Don White, who
announced that KPFK GM Eva Georgia had already left for the PNB meeting in
Berkeley. [9mar04lsb2.mp3, 2:00]

There was discussion about the agenda, which was unanimously approved after
amendment. [9:30]

There was informal discussion about possible motions to present to the Pacifica
National Board, information to request from the PNB, and procedures to be
followed by the PNB.

Chair attempted to close discussion and begin public comment.

Appeal by Adelson [9mar04lsb4.mp3, 4:45]
Directors should respond to LSB prior to public comment and to listeners after
public comment.
Well taken.

After responses from Directors and additional discussion, there was a segment
of public comment [9mar04lsb05.mp3, 4:00] (See Appendix A)

Orders of the day by Pearl [9mar04lsb07.mp3, 8:00]
Motion failed by a show of hands [14:30]
Yes 6, No 9

Motion to extend debate by Adelson [12:00]
Motion ruled out of order.

Motion to extend debate 10 minutes by Gluck [16:00]
Motion Passed by a show of hands.
Yes 14, No 6

Motion by Gallegos (as later amended) [9mar04lsb08.mp3, 2:00]
Resolved: That the Pacifica National Board establish an elections review
committee to assess the recent Local Station Board elections looking especially
towards the participation of candidates, outreach and publicity, voting, and
election especially of low-income people of color, women, GLBT, and other
oppressed or underrepresented communities. This committee should make
recommendations to the Pacifica National Board that should also be reviewed for
input by each Local Station Board.
Motion passed by a roll call vote. [9mar04lsb09.mp3, 1:30]
14 Yes (Armoudian, Dearie, DiEugenio, Gallegos, Gluck, Hallaren,
Kolhatkar, Minsky, Prescod, Radford, Rodriguez, Schwab, Velazquez,
2 No (Amir, T. Goodman)

Motion to amend by Radford [9mar04lsb08.mp3, 3:00]
Also Resolved: That there be no At-large Directors elected at this PNB meeting,
that there be a bylaws convention, that we have local subcommittees of national
committees, that the management committee of the PNB be a personnel committee,
that notice of meetings be sent out timely, and that the race and nationality
policies be put in place.
Accepted as a friendly amendment by Gallegos.

Motion to divide by J. Goodman [9mar04lsb08.mp3, 4:45]
Motion passed by a show of hands. [8:00]
Yes 15, No 0

Point of order by T. Goodman [6:45]
"Friendly amendments" may not be adopted without debate. RONR p. 154.
Not well taken.

Motion to amend by Prescod [10:00]
Resolved: That the Gallegos motion be amended, adding the words "low income" or
Accepted as a friendly amendment by Gallegos.

Motion to extend debate 5 minutes by Adelson [11:30]
Motion Passed by a show of hands.
Yes 15, No 0

Previous question by Gluck
Motion passed by a show of hands.
Yes 17, No 5

Motion to extend debate 5 minutes by Prescod [9mar04lsb09.mp3, 11:30]
Motion failed by a show of hands (2/3rds required).
Yes 11, No 8

The divided motion to amend by Radford was ruled tabled and discussion was
opened on applications for Treasurer, an item added to the agenda at the
beginning of the meeting.

Motion by Adelson [11:15]
Resolved: That we accept the application for Treasurer and table any other
discussions until such time as we have all the applications and all the
applicants can speak so that we may move on to the issue of the iPC.
Motion passed by a show of hands. [17:00]
Yes 12, No 10

Previous question by Pearl [12:00]
Motion passed by a show of hands. [14:00]
Yes 17, No 5

Discussion was opened on the subject of the interim Program Council.

Motion by Adelson [3:00]
Resolved: That we recognize the election of the iPC members, form a Program
Policy Committee of the LSB whose responsibilities are as outlined in Article
Seven, Section 3(G) of the Foundation Bylaws, that the first order of business
of the committee is to meet with those people that have been elected to the
interim Program Council, discuss any and all issues associated with the Program
Council, consider all the various proposals that have come out, and come back
with a proposal.

Substitute Motion by Weil [5:00]
That we use the remaining time in this meeting to hear from members of the iPC.

All pending motions were tabled upon notice from building security.

Motion by T. Goodman [9:00]
Resolved: That the next LSB meeting be scheduled for Tuesday, April 6th.

Substitute Motion by Weil [10:00]
Resolved: That the next LSB meeting be scheduled for Sunday, March 28th.
Motion failed for lack of a second.

Substitute Motion by Amir [11:00]

Resolved: That the next LSB meeting be scheduled for Tuesday, April 13th.
Motion passed by a show of hands.
Yes 11, No 6

The Chair announced that an LSB Meeting was scheduled for Tuesday,
April 13th. The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

Terry L. Goodman, KPFK Secretary Pro-Tem (Continuing)
[These minutes were approved on 4/13/04.]

APPENDIX A - Summary of Public Comments

This report on public comments has been prepared by the Secretary Pro-Tem and
is attached to the minutes for general reference. Inclusion of this report is
no representation from the LSB or the speakers mentioned as to its accuracy or
completeness, nor is it an
endorsement of any content herein.

PUBLIC COMMENT SEGMENT [9mar04lsb05.mp3, 4:00]

Myla Reson [6:30]
"The affiliates played a very important role in restoring the network." LSB
Members should identify themselves for the audio record when speaking.

Veronica [8:45]
"I want everybody in the community to be represented ..." There is a serious
problem at the station with people fighting against minority programming and
this is a problem locally and nationally.

Carlos [10:00]
I want to hear about the National Board, and less about problems and more about

Michael Novick [11:15]
Agendas should be available to listeners in advance of the meeting. The PNB
meeting should be webcast. A concrete, long-term plan is needed for the
deepening of democratization, improved access for people of color, and the
general expansion of the Pacifica network.

Bob Linden [12:15]
"Be it resolved that KPFK and Pacifica condemn the production and consumption
of meat and all unnecessary exploitation of animals for clothing, sport,
entertainment, and experimentation..." There isn't enough vegan or animal
rights programming on KPFK.

Rafael Renteria [13:20]
"For two years now Dan Coughlin has done nothing to implement that." The
recommendations of the Report of the Anti-Racism Working Group of the Pacifica
Now! Conference should be implemented without delay.

Dele [14:30]
There should be a Bylaws convention to address the under-representation of
people of color in the Pacifica LSB elections.

Lawrence Reyes [15:50]
"Why is it that the Puerto Rican community in New York is locked out of WBAI?"

John Doe [17:00]
"We need more co-operation between our stations to keep National from running
the show with the twenty percent of our money that they spend." The money sent
to National could be better spent locally.

Arturo Lemus [18:15]
"An organization without a plan is not going to get anywhere." We all have a
personal agenda, and that agenda is the Pacifica Mission, which is inclusive.

Mansour [9mar04lsb06.mp3, 0:00]
"Please take into consideration that you are representing us and not just your
agenda." We need more workplace democracy at KPFK and equal time for listener
comments at LSB meetings.

Luis Garcia [1:30]
The LSB should carry the KPFK LAB motion on the broadcasting needs of Mexican-
Americans to the Pacifica National Board, since it was never presented. The
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo of 1848 and Article 27 of the U.N. Covenant on
Civil, Economic and Political Rights gives Mexican-American communities the
right to self-determination to determine their own identities. They do not wish
to be labeled as "Latinos."

Mohammed [2:30]
"KPFK has been practicing apartheid communication-wise." I have been arguing
for a decade for KPFK to get a 323 or 213 area code phone number to improve
participation and access from central areas of Los Angeles.

Omar [3:45]
Can KPFK start some youth outreach programs in South Central high schools?

Maynard Levinson [5:15]
"This is a tremendous leap forward from what happened before." The LSB is
becoming more productive. Additionally, the LSB should establish a process for
review of Directors to make sure that they are appropriately representing the
LSB at PNB meetings.

Roger Zimmerman [7:00]
"I would ask our representatives at the PNB to work out a formal method so
listeners can bring items to the National agenda." Also, the criteria for
management review be published when they are worked out, and listeners have
read-only access to any staff list server. We need a real action plan with
respect to diversity, not just words.

Bernie Eisenberg [8:30]
"These Bylaws rejected mandated affirmative action remedies" and we can see the
result. I want to hear from the Directors if they think that a bylaws
convention is the appropriate means to address under-representation in
governance and whether such a convention should be sooner rather than later.

MTA Supporter [10:15]
"Very limited color here... Diversity obviously is a big issue, here."

Listener from East L.A. [11:50]
"The most important thing is transparency." Listeners need to hear the history
of the station, and LSB Members should have name placards. We have distractions
and we have to prioritize so that our Directors vote as a block.

Sara Wyatt [13:45]
"There were quite a few people of color that I know of who had problems being
able to vote because they weren't even given ballots, and the process for them
to vote in that instance, to be able to try to get a ballot, was so onerous
that many people gave up." For outreach to succeed programming must be diverse.

Listener [15:30]
I am encouraged with the increase in Spanish Language programming and want
other non-English languages, too. Area code 818 is mostly non-white. We should
support and encourage more programming collectives.

Randy [9mar04lsb07.mp3, 0:00]
The LSB should recognize the elected interim Program Council, but the iPC
should start work immediately, with the candidates as elected, including the
LAB candidates.

Margot Eiser [2:10]
"Committees, committees, committees." You need committees to do the work, and
that's how you can be inclusive.

Nancy Lawrence [3:30]
We need to bring in more young people. Why are the KPFK banned and fired still
banned and fired?

Cal State Professor [4:10]
"It seems to me that the station can not be all things to all people...The
strength of the station is its political message. There's nothing else that's
more fundamental and critical to it, and African-Americans, Latinos, Native
Americans, Asian-Americans - we all need to know what Amy Goodman is saying..."
Thanks for coming.