July 13, 2004 - Library of Social Studies & Research

[Acceptance of the agenda indicates acceptance of time allotments]

I. Call to order, Call of the Roll, Welcome & Acknowledgements, Review and
Approval of Agenda, Approval of Minutes, Brief Report from Retreat Task Force &
clarification of the Prescod motion expanding committee membership [12 minutes]

II. Process for establishing a Community Advisory Board [45 minutes]

III. Public Comment [15 minutes]

IV. Vote(s) on CAB Proposal(s) [5 minutes]

V. Report by General Manager [12 minutes]

VI. Committee Reports [a] Outreach [b] Management Evaluation [c]
Finance/Development [d] Programming Oversight [e] Structure [f] C of I [45

~~~ Committees are once again reminded to bring 50 copies of motions and this
includes some motions made as long ago as the Long Beach meeting ~~~

VII. Public Comment [15 minutes]

VIII. Voting on Committee motions [10 minutes]

IX. PNB Directors' Reports [20 minutes]

X. Next Meeting [date, time, venue] Announcements, Evaluation, Adjournment [5


Items of "old business" which I believe we should deal with soon in a special
meeting where these items are first on the agenda: (a) ad hoc Committee on
Retreat, (b) Adelson motion on governance programming on air, (c) Halleran
motion on role of secretaries, (d) Radford motion on banned and fired, (e)
Radford motion on fee waivers, (f) T. Goodman motion on board training, (g)
Goodman motion on public posting of committee meetings, (h) Harrison's motion
on process for listener-sponsors to put items on LSB agenda, (i) . T. Goodman
motion on creation of new committees.