Proposed Agenda
for KPFK Local Station Board (LSB) Meeting
of September 19, 2004 - 10:00 am - Mercado de Paloma

I. Welcome, Call to Order, Call of the Roll, Review and Approval of
Agenda, Approval of any Minutes pending approval (7 minutes)
II. Opening Remarks by the Chair, introduction of Election Coordinator Mary
Rosendale, reading of the Mission Statement (7 minutes)
III. General Manager's Report (Will include, among other things, emergency
aid programming and governance programming (15 minutes)
IV. Community Advisory Board (CAB) (25 minutes)
V. Pacifica National Board (PNB) functioning & next meeting (25 minutes)
VI. KPFK Elevator Project (10 minutes)
VII. Committee Reports: Board appointments to the Arts committee (a)
Committee of Inclusion (b) Management Evaluation (c) Programming
Oversight (d) Structure (e) Finance/Development (f) Outreach (25
VIII. Public Comment (15 minutes)
IX. Town Hall Meeting(s) - mandated by bylaws/creating ad hoc committee (20
X. iPC Elections (12 minutes)
XI. LSB Retreat "Report Back" (12 minutes)
XII. Webpage Update, Review of "regular meeting schedule" and next meeting
(8 mins)
XIII. Old Business (15 minutes)
XIV. Announcement of "new business," no discussion, no votes - putting the
Board "on notice" (3 minutes)
XV. Public Comment (15 minutes)
XVI. Final Votes, Reminder of Next Meeting, Evaluation, Adjournment (10