Minutes of the KPFK LSB Meeting
November 7, 2004
(Draft - Subject to LSB Approval)

A regular meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on Sunday, November
7, 2004 at Centro Maravilla Center, 4716 E. Cesar Chavez Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
90022 with Don White presiding and Terry Goodman serving as Secretary. No
minutes were approved.

Eighteen Delegates were present during all or part of the meeting: Dave
Adelson, Maria Armoudian, Marie Deary (late), Israel Feuer, Bill Gallegos,
Sherna Gluck, Jan Goodman, Terry Goodman, Jane Hallaren, Sonali Kolhatkar, Ed
Pearl, Margaret Prescod (late, left early), Leslie Radford, Madeleine Schwab,
Fernando Velazquez, Donna Warren, Harrison Weil, Don White

Six Delegates were absent: Grace Aaron, Sara Amir, Nile ElWardani, Jim
DiEugenio, Alan Minsky, Julie Rodriguez

Also present: General Manager Eva Georgia

Also absent: LSB Treasurer Sa-Ra Wyatt

A quorum having been established, the meeting was called to order at 11:00 am.

There was discussion of the proposed agenda, which was amended and then
approved as amended.

Motion by Maria Armoudian:
Resolved, that the absences of Sara Amir, Nile ElWardani, and Julie
Rodriguez.from this meeting are excused.
Motion passed, Y:17, N:0, A:0

Eva Georgia presented an oral report and submitted a written report (see
Appendix A).
A broadcast Report to the Listener is scheduled for Friday, November 12, 2004
from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Motion by Sherna Gluck:
Resolved, that a committee be established to work on governance programming.
Motion ruled out of order as superseded by a motion already adopted.

Motion from Sonali Kolhatkar
Resolved, that staff delegates be allowed to post email messages to the
station's staff list.
Motion passed. Y:11, N:1, A:4

Bill Gallegos presented an oral report from the Ad Hoc CAB Organizing

Motion from Leslie Radford:
Resolved, that a four-member ad hoc committee be established, including Bill
Gallegos and Julie Rodriguez, to assist the CAB in organizing a meeting.
Motion withdrawn with the proviso that there be a report on CAB progress at the
next LSB meeting.

Jane Hallaren and Sherna Gluck of the Programming Oversight Committee and
Margot Eiser of the interim Program Council presented an oral report soliciting
LSB input on a proposal for arbitration of programmer grievances.

Sonali Kolhatkar and Margaret Prescod of the Management Evaluation Committee
presented an oral report about the development of an evaluation process.

Madeleine Swab reported that the Outreach Committee has been working with the
Ad Hoc Town Hall Task Force.

The Town Hall Meeting will be on Saturday, December 18, 2004 from 12:30-5:00 pm
at East Los Angeles College, with music for an hour and then general listener,
staff and LSB interaction. Proposals for publicity and outreach were made.
All are encouraged to participate.

Notice by Margaret Prescod:
Margaret Prescod requests an excused absence from the next LSB meeting if she
is on assignment in Haiti.

Dave Adelson reported that the local Finance Committee and the National Finance
Committee has been impacted by the non-participation of LSB Treasurer Sa-Ra
Don White volunteered to communicate with Sa-Ra to facilitate a resolution.

Motion from Dave Adelson:
Provided she agrees to serve, resolved that treasurer candidate Casey McFall
shall be named Alternate Treasurer and that the alternate shall serve when the
treasurer is unavailable or resigns.
Motion fails by substitution.

Motion from Jane Hallaren to substitute:
Resolved, that Donna Warren serve as LSB Treasurer for the remaining term of
this board if Sa-Ra Wyatt resigns.
Motion to substitute passes: Y:7, N:1, A:0
Substitute motion fails after public comment, lacking the 7 affirmative votes
needed after loss of quorum: Y:5, N:2, A:2]

An STV election was attempted to populate the LSB Arts Committee. Nominated
were Maria Armoudian, Ed Pearl, Leslie Radford, Jane Hallaren and Margaret

Motion from Ed Pearl:
Resolved, that Grace Aaron be appointed as LSB representative to the KPFK
interim Program Council on an ad hoc basis, with Marie Deary as alternate,
until the new LSB chooses a permanent delegate.
Motion passed. Y:13, N:2, A:4

2:10 pm A thirty minute segment of public comment was heard.

2:41 pm The LSB voted on motions presumed postponed pending public comment.

Voting to populate the Arts Committee did not complete due to lack of quorum
and because no candidates are eliminated if there is no specified limitation on
the number of seats.

Motion from Sherna Gluck (as amended by Jan Goodman):
Resolved, that this meeting adjourn to a time certain of 7:00 pm on Wednesday,
December 1, 2004 at a location to be determined by the Chair.
Motion passed before public comment. Y: 17, N:2, A:1

The meeting was adjourned at around 3:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Terry Goodman
KPFK LSB Secretary

This version of minutes was reconstructed from original notes and incomplete
audio on October 9, 2016.

Appendix A - GM Report

Monthly GM Report
Eva Georgia, KPFK Los Angeles
Local Station Board
November 4, 2004

Subscriptions are still in the process of entering the final pledges. So we
can't generate a full report from the computer at this time, that's a day or so

In general, we received just over 10,000 pledges. Roughly 6500 of them were on
credit card, which largely accounts for the $595,532 that's already been paid,
of the $1,060,800 that was pledged.

About $30,300 was pledged through the website.

About 3719 of the pledges came from new subscribers.

We made a special effort to send out some of the most requested premiums right
away. These included the videos Bush's Brain; 9-11 in Plane Sight; Hijacking
Catastrophe; JKF II: The Bush Connection; Orwell Rolls in His Grave; Arlington
West; and a few other items that we happened to already have on hand. 1484
premiums have been sent already, most of them going out on Monday, 10/25/04,
the day after the fund drive ended.

9-11 in Plane Sight, one of the most-requested premiums in our June drive, was
at the top of the request list this time, with 741 requests entered so far.
The second most popular item was JFK II: The Bush Connection, at 480 requests.
The D-Lenolate supplement, which nearly tied with Plane Sight for popularity in
the June drive, was the fifth most popular this time, with 230 requests.

All in all this was yet another remarkable fund drive for KPFK, despite
hardships such as our computers all being down on Wednesday, October 6th,
another power outage thanks to the fire hydrant down the street getting knocked
over again late on Saturday, October 23rd, and another computer problem on
Election Day.

As we approach the end of 2004, KPFK has done it again. The programming
department provided progressive content, consistent and relevant to the
Pacifica mission. Perhaps the most highlighted programming has been that of
the 2004 presidential elections and of course the last public fund drive of the
year. The 2004 elections programming was coordinated in collaboration with
this office and by MY Karthik, KPFK's elections coordinator. The content and
broadcast material was available thanks to the contributions of staff producers
and programmers who came together and participated in a professional manner.
The 2004 fund drive was ponce again a great success with more collaboration on
the part of programmers to be consistent with deadlines and themes as well as
being able to contribute to another million dollar fund drive. Additional
highlights in programming over the last several months include children's
participation in the early morning news cast, special national coverage on the
huga Chavez referendum in Venezuela and continuing coverage on the increasingly
difficult situation in Haiti.

As you all know our website and internet access was down on one of the most
important days, the Presidential Elections. We know now that the site was
hacked and that someone had gone into the wall sockets in the newsroom and did
some re-wiring. Clearly we are constantly under attack. We receive viruses
almost daily even though we have anti-virus protection. Within the coming days
we will take action to protect our computers and the website. The site is
currently being rebuilt and should be back up within the next 24 to 48 hours.
We are increasing security on computers, we will restrict changes and
installation of new software and workstations, eliminate and prevent viruses,
eliminate and prevent spyware and hijackers. This work will all be done this
coming weekend and will cost the station $5000. In addition we now have a
maintenance plan for our computers. Once all this work is done, our computers
should be very well protected.

I am happy to report that we are in the final stages of negotiations. Days
prior to the fund drive, Management and the Union met for all day negotiations
and to date we have tentatively agreed on at least 3/4 of the contract.
Throughout the fund drive we continued working on the contract. On Tuesday,
November 9th, KPFK Management and the Union will be meeting for all day
negotiations to finalize the contract..

We will be conducting interviews next week for the following positions:
- Development Director
- News Director
- Webmaster
- Production Director

The transmitter at the Mt. Wilson site is operating normally, as is the
translator in Santa Barbara.

The upstairs Production Control Room is getting upgrades to the audio computer
and DRS digital cart system.

Everything else is ongoing routine maintenance and repairs.

XLNC - The Mexican government sent all the required paperwork to the FCC. We
have not yet had any response from the FCC.

Appendix B - PrOC Motion Handout

The PrOC recommends the following interim process to deal with aggrieved
programmer dismissals or suspensions:

1) Management shall deliver in writing its reasons for the cancellation or
extended suspension of the Program to the Programmer and a notification of
cancellation or suspension to the PrOC within seven days of the cancellation.

2) The Programmer shall deliver in writing, his/her/their response to
Management and a "request for action" to the PrOC within seven days of receipt
of "reason for cancellation or suspension."

3) The PrOC, without judging the matter, will then act to facilitate a
resolution by selecting the next available mediator from a compiled list of
volunteer mediators, listed alphabetically. The mediator will meet with both
parties in an effort to resolve the matter.

4) In the case of a failed mediation, the two parties will proceed to a binding
arbitration process. Each party will choose a representative and a neutral
third member of the "panel" on which they must mutually agree. If the two
parties cannot agree on the third member, the PrOC will then select the next
available name from its list of mediators as the neutral third representative.

Note: The PrOC recommends that this process be implemented until a policy is
put in place. A list of mediators has already been started by the ad hoc
Retreat Committee and should be expanded with additional suggestions by LSB