Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting
August 15, 2004
(DRAFT - Subject to LSB Approval)

An adjourned meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on Sunday, August
15, 2004 in the basement of the Echo Park United Methodist Church, 1226 N
Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026-3127, with Vice Chair Maria Armoudian
presiding and Terry Goodman serving as Secretary. No minutes were approved.

Fifteen Delegates were present during all or part of the meeting: Grace Aaron,
Dave Adelson, Maria Armoudian, Jim DiEugenio (arrived at 1:58), Israel Feuer,
Sherna Gluck (left at 3:47), Jan Goodman, Terry Goodman, Jane Hallaren, Sonali
Kolhatkar, Alan Minsky (arrived at 2:04), Ed Pearl, Leslie Radford, Madeleine
Schwab, Harrison Weil

Six Delegates were excused: Marie Deary, Bill Gallegos, Margaret Prescod, Julie
Rodriguez, Fernando Velazquez, Don White

Three Delegates were absent: Sara Amir, Nile ElWardani, Donna Warren

Also absent: General Manager Eva Georgia, Treasurer Simone Wyatt

Authority and Notice: This meeting was authorized by a motion approved at the
LSB meeting of August 1, 2004. Specific notice was posted on the KPK web site
and announcements were broadcast beginning at least 7 days before the meeting,
pursuant to the schedule recommended in the Foundation Bylaws, though
technically not required for adjourned meetings.

The meeting was called to order at 1:24 pm.

This being an adjourned meeting, the approved agenda from the previous meeting
was continued, but there was discussion to determine what business had been
completed and what business had been postponed to allow listener comment.

Motion from Ed Pearl:
That LSB discussions proceed under the Round system, whereby each member has
one opportunity to speak on an issue, unless the body decides by majority vote
either to have a second round or to proceed to two each pro and con speakers.
Motion failed. Y:6, N:6, A:1

Point of order by Harrison Weil:
A member who has obtained the floor for a point of procedure may not then make
a motion.
Not well taken. The member did not obtain the floor for a point of order. The
motion was procedural and is in order because it did not interrupt a speaker
and there was no motion on the floor.

Dave Adelson was appointed Timekeeper.

Point of order by Terry Goodman:
There is a rule for discussion on motions, so proposing a new rule for
discussion on motions is effectively a motion to suspend the rules. A motion
to suspend the rules is voted upon immediately without amendment or debate.
Not well taken. The motion is specific rather than general, so debate is in

Motion from Terry Goodman:
To continue the agenda with voting on a motion from Dave Adelson that was
postponed for public comment during the Programming Oversight Committee Report
at the previous meeting.
Motion passed. Y:8, N:3, A:3

Motion to end debate from Jan Goodman
Motion passed. Y:10, N:1, A:3


Motion from Dave Adelson:
Resolved, that the Programming Oversight Committee meet with management to
discuss the issue of due process with respect to program cancellation, and that
the Programming Oversight Committee shall also meet with programmers whose
programs have been cancelled for their input, including Dr. Kwaiku Person-
Lynne, producer of the Afrikan Mental Liberation Weekend.
Motion failed.
Y:5 (Aaron, Adelson, J. Goodman, T. Goodman, Kolhatkar)
N:6 (DiEugenio, Gluck, Hallaren, Radford, Schwab, Weil)
A:2 (Feuer, Pearl)

Point of order by Dave Adelson:
The motion was made, seconded, discussed, and publicly commented upon at the
previous meeting and time expired. We just have to vote.
Well taken.

Objection to consideration by Sherna Gluck:
The Programming Oversight Committee is already in discussions with station
management on this issue.
Objection not timely.

Motion by Dave Adelson
To reconsider the Structure Committee motion (as amended) which failed on
August 1.
Motion passed. Y:9, N:4

Motion to end debate by Sonali Kolhatkar
Motion passed. Y:10, N:2, A:1

Motion from the Structure Committee (as amended by Adelson):
Resolved, that LSB committees are authorized to bring forward resolutions on
issues that they consider fall within their scope.
Motion passed (after listener comments). Y:10, N:4, A:0

Point of order by Dave Adelson:
Debate on a debatable motion begins anew if reconsideration is approved.
Well taken.

There was discussion on the motion.

Motion to end debate by Grace Aaron.
Motion passed. Y:9, N:4, A:1


Motion from Leslie Radford (as amended by Adelson):
Whereas, the interim Pacifica National Board approved the Race and Nationality
Guidelines on June 23, 2002 and ordered their implementation on September 21,
2003; and
Whereas the Pacifica Race and Nationality Policy has not been implemented; and
Whereas at the July 26th PNB meeting the PNB agreed that at its next regular
meeting the Pacifica Race and Nationality Policy be reaffirmed and implemented;
Resolved, that we charge the KPFK PNB Members to support fully this
reaffirmation and its immediate implementation.
Motion passed (after listener comments).
Y:8 (Adelson, DiEugenio, Gluck, J. Goodman, Hallaren, Kolhatkar, Minsky, Weil)
N:2 (T. Goodman, Radford)
A:4 (Aaron, Feuer, Pearl, Schwab)

There was discussion on the motion.

Motion to table until the next meeting by Grace Aaron
Motion failed. Y:3, N:8

Motion by Dave Adelson to recess for five minutes.
Motion passed without objection.

There was a short recess at approximately 3:05 pm.

There was a fifteen minute segment of listener comment after the recess, then
the LSB voted on two motions for which its voting was postponed pursuant to a
special rule adopted at a recent meeting.


Motion by Sonali Kolhatkar (as amended by Hallaren):
Whereas, the staff delegates to the Local Station Board have been elected by a
defined constituency of paid and unpaid staff as per Pacifica's bylaws;
Whereas, listener members have access to their delegates through the airwaves
(for example, during the elections staff members do not);
Whereas, a means of communication with this defined constituency would enable
staff delegates to receive feedback on issues, agenda items from voters, as
well as inform voters of LSB motions and votes;
Whereas, an email list of staff voters is already available and easily
accessible through the station's staff;
Therefore be it resolved, that an internet listserv comprising eligible staff
voters be created for staff delegates by blind invitation in order to enable
communication between delegates and their constituents. Such a list would not
be controlled or moderated by any of the staff delegates or members and would
be available for subscription to anyone who fit eligibility criteria for staff
under the Pacifica bylaws. Email addresses would not be public.
Motion passed (after public comment).
Y:11 (Aaron, Adelson, Feuer, J. Goodman, T. Goodman, Kolhatkar, Minsky, Pearl,
Radford, Schwab, Weil)
N:2 (DiEugenio, Hallaren)

Motion by Harrison Weil:
To amend the Kolhatkar motion to additionally mandate the creation of an
internet listserv comprising eligible listener-sponsor voters for listener-
sponsor delegates.
Motion referred to committee,

Motion by Dave Adelson:
To refer the Weil amendment to the LSB Structure Committee as a concept for
Motion passed. Y:10 , N:2 , A:1

Motion to end debate by Grace Aaron,
Motion passed. Y:9, N:3, A:2

Motion by Dave Adelson:
The KPK LSB recommends to the management
1) That a weekly one-hour Report to the Listener program be instituted as
soon as possible to deal with internal issues at KPFK and Pacifica;
2) That the program rotate each week between presentations from different
constituencies and/or bodies:
3) [Specifically:]
a) Once monthly the report should be a report from the management,
b) Once monthly the report should be a report from the LSB and PNB,
c) Once monthly the report should be a report from the staff, paid and
unpaid, and
d) That the remaining presentations be allocated to other bodies which
might include organized listener groups (for example, FPNN), the
Community Advisory Board, the interim Program Council, etc. at the
discretion of management in consultation with the LSB;
4) That the LSB Programming Oversight Committee will propose a mechanism at
our next LSB meeting for insuring that access to the air during the Report
to the Listener is fairly distributed, using the following proposal as a
starting point for discussion:
a) That for reports from constituencies other than management the
program be organized such that several presenters from that
constituency appear on the program,
b) Each person appearing on the program has adequate time to present
her or his views; i.e. on the order of eight to ten minutes each,
c) That in the case of the LSB, the PNB, the staff, and any other
formal body (CAB, iPC, FPNN), the presenters from the body or
constituency be rotated so that all the members of that body or
constituency that wish to appear are able to do so and no members of
that constituency or body appear more than once until all who wish
to appear have had the opportunity to do so once (allowing for
exceptions on occasion in the case of scheduling conflicts, but in
keeping with the spirit of this rule), and that for the purposes of
this rule PNB Members shall be considered a separate constituency
from the LSB, paid staff and unpaid staff shall be considered
separate constituencies due to the differing proportions of each and
to allow members of each to appear on that show.
d) That the order in which members appear be random (i.e., selected by
drawing numbers from a hat), and
e) That a minimum of twenty minutes of the program be allotted to
unscreened listener call-ins, and listeners be given up to two
minutes each to state their questions or comments.
Clauses 1 & 2 of the motion passed (after public comment).
Y:12 (Aaron, Adelson, Feuer, J. Goodman, T. Goodman, Hallaren, Kolhatkar,
Minsky, Pearl, Radford, Schwab, Weil)
A:1 (DiEugenio)
Clauses 3 & 4 of the motion passed (after public comment).
Y:6 (Aaron, Adelson, J. Goodman, Kolhatkar, Pearl, Schwab)
N:5 (DiEugenio, T. Goodman, Halleran, Radford, Weil)
A:2 (Feuer, Minsky)

Motion from Jane Halleran
That the Adelson motion be referred to the PrOC and the iPC.
Motion temporarily passed. Y:8, N:3
Approval rescinded by the approval of a motion to reconsider.

Motion from Adelson to end debate
Motion passed. Y:12, N:0, A:1

Motion from J. Goodman to reconsider the Halleran motion to refer.
Motion passed. Y:7, N:6

Motion to end debate from Adelson.
Motion passed. Y:12, N:0, A:2

Motion from Leslie Radford:
To divide the Adelson motion after clause 2.
Motion passed. Y:10, N:2, A:1

Motion to end debate from DiEugenio.
Motion passed. Y:9, N:1, A:2

Motion to end debate from J. Goodman
Motion passed. Y:9, N:1, A:1

Motion from Jane Hallaren (as amended by Schwab):
1) The elected Secretary is the official Secretary of the KPFK LSB and shall
retain all the powers and duties of secretary. The runner-up in the election
will act as assistant if he/she wishes to do so. Wherever possible the
official secretary shall arrange for the assistant to perform the duties of a
corresponding secretary. For example,
a) Take his/her place when he/she is late or absent in terms of recording
the minutes, but not perform any other duties as Secretary of the LSB;
b) Place the announcements of the LSB and committee meetings on the KPFK
web site and on the LSB listserv and other public outlets;
c) Send thank you messages to those who help the LSB;
d) Elaborate the transcription of motions, documenting the attendance and
2. Other conditions of labor or collaboration between the Secretary and the
Assistant Secretary will be by mutual consent.
3. Since he/she was democratically elected as Secretary of the KPFK LSB, he/she
will oversee and have final judgment and responsibility for any and all efforts
coming from him/her and the assistant secretary.
4. The relationship will terminate when new LSB officers are elected.
[An amendment from Schwab is missing from this version]
Motion passed (after public comment).
Y:11 (Aaron, DiEugenio, J. Goodman, T. Goodman, Halleran, Kolhatkar, Minsky,
Pearl, Radford, Schwab, Weil)
A:2 (Adelson, Feuer)

Motion from Madeleine Schwab
To amend the Hallaren motion somehow. [Missing audio, not restated.]
Motion passed.

Motion to end debate by Sonali Kolhatkar.
Motion passed. Y:11, N:0, A:0

Motion from Dave Adelson
To postpone the remaining items of unfinished business to the next meeting.
Motion passed. Y:8, N:0, A:0

There was a fifteen minute section of public comment.

There were some responses to public comment.

The board voted on postponed motions.

Motion to adjourn from Harrison Weil.
Motion failed for lack of a second.


Jane Hallaren presented an oral report from the Ad Hoc Retreat Committee.

Motion to adjourn from Harrison Weil.
Motion passed. Y:7

The meeting was adjourned sometime after 4:37 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Terry L. Goodman, LSB Secretary
(This version reconstructed from meeting notes and audio on October 9, 2016)

APPENDIX A - Meeting Notice

Sunday, August 15th, 1:00 pm

The next LSB meeting will begin at 1:00 pm on Sunday, August 15, 2004, in the
basement of the Echo Park United Methodist Church, 1226 N Alvarado St, Los
Angeles, CA 90026-3127. The church is one long block north of the intersection
of Alvarado St and Sunset Blvd on the east side of the street. From the 101
freeway take the Alvarado off-ramp and drive north. Enter through the parking
lot on the east side of the church. note: We are returning to the Echo Park
Methodist Church for the second time in a row...the August 15 meeting will be
in the same site as the Aug. 1st meeting.