Monday, January 10, 2005 --- 7 p.m.---UCLA Downtown Labor Center

I. Call to order, Call of the Roll, Review and Approval of Minutes, Approval of Minutes, Excused Absences. [3 minutes]

II. Comments by Chair [ 1 minute]

III. Election of KPFK Directors to the Pacifica National Board [75 minutes]

(a) Each candidate makes a 2 1/2 minute statement, the order by drawn lot.

(b) The Board asks questions of candidates for 12 minutes, directing the questions to a specific candidate or all
candidates. Candidates take careful notes of the questions posed.

(c) Public Comment for 10 minutes with listener-sponsors directing question to specific candidates or all

(d) The seven candidates respond to questions for 30 minutes going in an order determined by a drawing with each
candidate getting four minutes.

III. Public Comment (10 minutes)

IV. Delegates vote for Directors [two separate votes, one for staff representative and one for listener-sponsor
representatives] ( 5 minutes)

V. Adjournment of Delegates' Meeting