KPFK Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, April 16, 2005 --- 11:00 a.m.
UNITE!-HERE Union Board Room
UCLA Downtown Labor Center, 2nd Floor
675 South Parkview Street, Los Angeles, California 90057-3306

Proposed Agenda

I. Call to Order, Call of the Roll, Welcome & Acknowledgements, Review &
Approval of the Agenda, Approval of LSB Minutes [5 minutes]

II. Comments by the Chair [2 minutes]

III. Election of Local Station Board Secretary & Treasurer [30 minutes]

IV. Pacifica National Board/Directors' Report [30 minutes]

V. KPFK LSB Committee Reports/Motions [Seven minutes each except when a
committee is bringing a motion [45 minutes]
[a] Finance/Development [b] Programming Oversight [c] Management Evaluation [d]
Structure/Governance [e] Arts [f] Outreach [g] Committee of Inclusion, a
committee of the Pacifica National Board

VI. Public Comment [15 minutes]

VII. Voting by the Board [7 minutes] - limited to 2 pro/2 con

VIII. Old Business: [a] Spanish language interpretation/announcements re: LSB
meetings, [b] Flynt/Hustler Magazine letter [c] Gluck motion on LSB/Listener
Comment Line [d] on-air "Report to Listeners" programming [e] Board
Training/motion was approved [20 minutes]

IX. New Business: Brazon motion on "straw votes" [7 minutes]

X. Public Comment [15 minutes]

XI. Voting by the Board [7 minutes]- limited to 2 pro/2 con

XII. Next meeting, announcements, adjournment [4 minutes]