Pacifica National Board
Elections Committee Regular Meeting - April 12, 2007


A regular meeting of the PNB Elections Committee was convened at 5:40 pm PDT by
Bob Lederer, with Terry Goodman serving as Chair and LaVarn Williams and Terry
Goodman serving as Secretaries Pro-Tem. No minutes were approved.


Present: Teresa Allen, Carolyn Birden (arrived at 6:08), Lydia Brazon, Terry
Goodman, Bob Lederer, Henry Norr (arrived at 6:01), Rosalinda Palacios, Sandra
Rawline, Cerene Roberts (arrived at about 6:01), Deb Shafto (arrived at 6:06),
Jack VanAken, and LaVarn Williams.
Absent: Jane Gatewood, Ambrose Lane, and Carol Wolfe.

Revised Agenda
1. Results of Committee Officer Elections (5 min)
a. Teller's Report
b. Declaration of the Convener
c. New Officers Are Installed
2. Review and Approval of Minutes (5 min)
3. Special Reports (5 min)
a. Status and Details of Elections Supervisor Hire
4. Workgroup Reports (15 min)
a. Listserv Cleanup
b. Technology Follow-up
c. Elections Timeline
d. Staff Lists
e. Technical Advisory
5. Unfinished Business (60 min)
a. Regular Meeting Schedule
b. Postponed Motion on Membership Lists
c. Report on Station Waivers Policies
d. Participation Workgroup Recommendations
e. NES/LES/Committee Recommendations
6. New Business: TBD (15 min)

The meeting was convened by Bob Lederer, pursuant to his appointment by the

1. Results of Committee Officer Elections (5:40 pm)

Jack VanAken reported the results of the ballot talley for committee officer
elections. Convener Bob Lederer declared Terry Goodman Chair and Jane Gatewood
Secretary on the basis of this report.

Terry Goodman chaired the remainder of the meeting and offered to also serve as
Secretary Pro-Tem in the Secretary's absence. LaVarn Williams was appointed
Secretary Pro-Tem for the first hour of the meeting, without objection.

An agenda was amended and approved on the motion of Teresa Allen, without
objection (see above).

2. Review and Approval of Minutes (6:00 pm)

The approval of the minutes of the meeting of March 25 was postponed without
objection on the motion of Terry Goodman. Terry Goodman is to put the 3/25/07
meeting notes into the form of minutes.

3. Special Reports

Sandra Rawline reported details of the response of the Executive Director to
her inquiry on behalf of the Committee regarding the Elections Supervisor hire
and indicated that additional details will be in the ED's report at the
Washington, D.C. PNB meeting. Former KPFK Local Elections Supervisor Casey
Peters has been appointed to the position.

Motion from Bob Lederer to revisit the Election Supervisor Hire as an agenda
item on the next committee meeting after the ED's report to the PNB.
Motion passed without objection.


4a. Listserv Cleanup

Terry Goodman reported on cleanup of listserv membership lists, with details
sent to each list via email. Terry Goodman is to confirm that all committee
members have rights to post files to the Yahoo! group's files area.

4b. Technology Follow-up

Jack VanAken reported that Les Radke may be out of the country and currently

4c. Elections Timeline

Cerene Roberts reported that the various proposals on amending the elections
timeline have been emailed to the committee.

4d. Staff Lists

Bob Lederer is to call Mary Berg to confirm the identity of current KPFA UPSO
representatives to invite to participate in workgroup discussions.

4e. Technical Advisory
Jack VanAken reported that the National Elections Supervisor has been informed
of the Workgroup's concerns regarding the scanning software.


5a. Regular Meeting Schedule

Motion from Teresa Allen (as amended via votes to fill in blanks and by the
motion of Carolyn Birden) that the PNB Elections Committee shall regularly meet
on the 3rd Sunday night of each month at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.
Motion passed by roll call vote: Sunday: 6, Tuesday: 4

The Committee will next meet on Sunday, May 20, 2007 at 8:00 pm EDT.

5b. Postponed Motion on Membership Lists

The committee again approved the motion establishing a workgroup on Membership
Lists from its meeting of March 25th, under the Chair's mistaken understanding
that final consideration of this motion had been postponed. Deb Shafto and
Carolyn Birden were added to the Membership Lists Workgroup, to which Cerene
Roberts and Teresa Allen had already been appointed.

5c. Report on Station Waivers Policies

Motion from Carolyn Birden (as amended on the motion of Cerene Roberts) that
those members who reported orally regard membership waivers submit a written
report to the committee via its public list, and/or forward any available
information regarding their station's past experience with hardship waivers.
Motion passed without objection.

5d. Participation Workgroup Recommendations

Consideration of this item was postponed without objection.

5e. NES/LES/Committee Recommendations

This item should continue on the agenda so that the Committee can agree which
items are within the purview of its workgroups and which may need additional

6. New Business (7:35 pm)

6a. Establishing a Relationship with the NES

Terry Goodman is to invite the NES to the next meeting of the Committee and
schedule at least 30 minutes for a discussion with the NES if he attends.

6b. Manner of Electing Affiliate Directors

Teresa Allen is to research past methods for identifying nominees for Affiliate
Director seats, working with the Foundation's Affiliates Coordinator, and
report back to the Committee, with particular emphasis on outreach and process.

Motion from Bob Lederer to adjourn.
Motion passed without objection.

The meeting was adjourned without objection at 7:50 pm PDT

Terry Goodman
Secretary Pro-Tem
(These minutes were approved on 5/20/07.)