KPFK LSB Outreach Committee Minutes
Meeting of May 22, 2004, 11:00 am

Madeleine Schwab, Chair
Also present: Arturo Lemus, Julie Rodriguez, Grace Aaron, Reina Mateu, Augustin
Cebada, Harrison Weil, Roger Zimmerman, Moe Mansoor, and Note-taker Ed Pearl.
(Marie, bless you!, got there around 1, just in time for the wedding; we were
gone by then)

1. The upcoming KPFK fund drive should be helped and utilized
a. Have an Outreach Committee sign-up sheet in the phone room.
1. Agustin will do Spanish translation.
b. Reach out to groups and individuals to help answer phones.

2. Roger Z presented extant KPFK promo materials that we can take with us
wherever we go, as well as to events, and will be the contact person for
materials. More, next meeting.

3. Structure - presented by Arturo Lemus - which focuses on increasing KPFK
membership with a goal of increasing membership - various, up to 100,000 subs;
or up to 50,000 in 3 years)
a. Outreach Committee must coordinate and evaluate official Projects, (as
well as final approval by LSB, when appropriate)
1. There will be about a ten person coordinating committee
a. Meet monthly with management
2. Some project ideas
a. Outside events leaflet and translation
b. Speak at organizations (it's Two-way street: pitch, plus
what kpfk can do for you)
3. All projects to have specific, listed goals
4. Arturo will now write up the proposal and formally present it at
the next meeting, June 12th

4. There was a conversation about the Membership fee waivers - already in
Bylaws - individually granted. Julie R and Augustin are going to look into
a. Roger suggested a number of safeguards to oversee legitimacy of
waivers, with much agreement by the group
b. There was much discussion about replacement of fee with volunteering
and other issues related to inclusion - which groups to talk to, etc.

5. The Next meeting will be June 12th, 11am, at the Echo Park Methodist Church
basement annex.