KPFK LSB Programming Oversight Committee
Sherna Gluck, Convenor
Report and Motions for LSB Meeting
Fri, Feb 17, 2006

A. LSB Report to Listeners
NOTE: the following motion, passed at the PrOC meeting of 2/8/06 is a follow up
to the earlier motion passed at its meeting of 1/11. There was no LSB meeting
subsequent to that meeting.

1. Resolved that management be asked to schedule a monthly LSB "Report to the
Listener" at various times, but within the same week of the month. He shows
should alternate between English and Spanish. LSB members shall sign up to
participate as the time and date schedule is worked out, so that programmers
and LSB members can plan in advance.

Passed 7-1, Israel Feuer dissenting on the question of automatically rotating
between Spanish and English every other month. (T%he first show, as previously
planned, would include the new LSB chair and new PNB members.)

2. Earlier motion passed
Several ideas were discussed leading to the motion below:
a) that we have a regularly scheduled LSB report to the listener, slightly
prior to the scheduled LSB meeting so that agenda items could be presented
to encourage listener input and participation;
b) that the next immediate report consist of the introduction of the new LSB
chair and the new PNB members.
Motion to plan two shows with four members of LSB (Eng and Sp.) and that the
working group convene to plan future shows (Passed without dissent)

B. Spanish language newscast
[NOTE: This motion supercedes one passed originally at PrOC meeting of 1/11
that called on the PNB to adopt a timeline and plan to call for proposals.
This became moot by the time of the February meeting.]
Resolved that in order to facilitate democratic participation in the
implementation of the national Spanish language daily newscast, we recommend
that the Program Director and Project Director work with programmers to form an
initial editorial board that represents the broad range and diversity of the
Spanish language programmers at KPFK, in place of the "traditional news room
format with an Executive Producer [and] Producer." This board shall develop a
process for adding members from all five Pacifica stations and from
participating affiliates. We further recommend an immediate open call for
proposals for segments and participants.
Passed unanimously