1. Amend & Approve Agenda (5 min)
2. Review and Approval of Minutes (3/25, 4/12) (5 min)
3. Special Reports (45 min)
A. Status and Details of Elections Supervisor Hire
(Continued from prior meeting)
B. Discussion with NES Casey Peters (unconfirmed)
4. Workgroup Reports (15 min)
A. Technology Followup (Norr, Williams, Palacios)
B. Elections Timeline (Williams)
C. Staff Lists (Lederer)
D. Technical Advisory (VanAken)
E. Membership Lists (Roberts)
4. Unfinished Business (20 min)
A. Station Policies on Membership Waivers
B. Participation Workgroup Recommendations
D. NES/LES/Committee Recommendations
1) Campaign Use of Membership List (Lederer)
E. Manner of Election of Affiliate Directors (Roberts)
5. New Business: TBD (5 min)