I. Call to Order.
II. Staff Recognition.
III. Roll Call.
A. The roster of LSB members with their contact
information will be distributed to determine accuracy. This roster will be emailed to all LSB members after tonight’s
meeting. Those LSB members who don’t have email can receive this by going to the LSB mail box at the station or by
IV. Agenda Approval.
XII. Special Committee Report Part I
A. Report from PK McCary regarding the
trial of Bill Crosier. Mr. Crosier was found guilty. This will be a status report of the actions taken and to be taken
in this matter.
V. Minutes Approval: April, May, June, July, August September, October (two), November (two) and the
Robert Mark Trial in December.
VI. Consent Items
VII. Public Comment (Time Certain: 8-8:30pm).
VIII. Election
of LSB Officers for 2018
A. Chair
B. Vice Chair
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
Note: Each candidate will be
given one minute to state why they wish to be elected; each LSB member will be given one minute to ask one question to
the candidates for the respective offices and each candidate will be given one minute to answer each question. Votes
will take place for each office in order. Once the result for each office is announced, the next election will begin
unless none of the candidates for Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary are running for another office. If that is the case,
there will be no delay between one officer election and the next.
IX. Pacifica National Board Report.
A. Adriana
B. Bill Crosier
C. Rhonda Garner.
D. Robert Mark.
X. Pacifica National Board Committee Reports
(only committees that have met shall report) 2 minutes for each PNB Committee Report
A. Audit. (Elayne Duncan, P.K.
B. Inclusion. (P.K. McCary, Adriana Casenave, Susie Moreno)
C. Development. (Jamie Rodriguez, Greg
D. Elections Committee. (Robert Gartner)
E. Governance. (Elayne Duncan, P.K. McCary)
F. Programming.
(Anisa Faruqi, Mike Lewis)
G. Affiliates Task Force. (Nancy Saibara-Naritomi, Teresa Allen)
H. Archives Task
Force. (Nancy Saibara-Naritomi, Anisa Faruqi)
XI. General Managers Report.
A. Obidike Kamau
B. Larry
NOTE: 3 minutes per report…plus additional time should
there be motions associated with the reports.
A. Anti-Racism and Diversity. (K.C. Sinclair)
B. Budget and
Financial Oversight
1. Review and Approval of 2017-2018 Budget (Nick Economidis)
C. Facilities Management
and Planning. (Robert Gartner, Bobby Modad)
D. Governance. (Joseph Davis).
E. Management Selection and Review.
(DeWayne Lark)
F. Outreach. (Vaniecia Williams)
G. Technology. (Matthew Moore, appointed as convener)
Special Committee Reports Part II
A. Special Code of Conduct Investigative Committee in the matter filed by Bob
Gartner against Rhonda Garner (Adrianna LaViolette). An update related to the vote of the LSB which determined that Ms.
Garner was guilty.
B. Report from Adrienne LaViolette regarding the trial to suspend Robert Mark's participation and
voting. Mr. Mark was found guilty. This will be a status report of the actions taken and to be taken in this
C. Community Advisory Board (MaryAnn Martinez)
D. Website Development (convener to be named)
E. Town
Hall Meeting Committee (Ted Weisgal)
XIII. New Business
A. Program Council
1. Selection of a convener to head
up a Special Committee to Recruit Candidates from two segments of the KPFT community:
A. Programmers
Note: The LSB selected, in June, board members who will serve. They are: K.C. Sinclair, Anisa Faruqi, Jerry
Lynch, Lars Headington and Ted Weisgal. Candidates shall appear for the LSB in January to state why they should be
selected by this body to serve on this council. Each candidate will receive up to two minutes to advocate for themselves
and one minute to answer a one-minute question from each LSB member prior to the vote.
B. Weisgal: Motion to
encourage Congress to support a budget that addresses human needs (text to be
C. Motion
from Robert Mark: The KPFT LSB shall create a committee to investigate and make recommendations for a sanction if
warranted, regarding the conduct of LSB Chair Ted Weisgal wherein he: 1. Inappropriately directed non KPFT assignments
to minor high school interns in violation of the terms and conditions wherein such interns were made available to KPFT;
2. Acted in an oppressive manner to KPFT staff and volunteer programmers to interfere with their duties; 3. Threatened
to kill a longstanding KPFT programmer at a programmers meeting; 4. Participated in a public media crusade to hold KPFT
and Pacifica in a negative light for the purposes of furthering his Pacifica political agenda, thus creating a negative
public view of Pacifica; 5. Acting as LSB Chair outside the authority as set forth in the bylaws for the LSB or any
delegated authority by the PNB to the LSB; 6. Acted outside the scope of his authority wherein following the creation of
an executive committee of the LSB, he acted on a recommendation of said committee without returning the matter to the
LSB for ratification as was specifically required under the motion passed creating said committee; All detrimental to
the best interests of the Pacifica Foundation. After a full investigation of these allegations, the committee shall
report to the full LSB their findings and conclusions and recommendations for sanction if any.

D. Motion
by PK McCary regarding censorship:
Whereas, while censorship is not a new phenomenon for the Pacifica Network,
having fought the good fight about indecent or profane language (and losing), and Whereas censorship tampers with the
mission of being "listener-sponsored free speech radio," and Whereas KPFT's current gag order is censorship and the
antithesis of "free speech radio," and, Whereas listeners are being kept in the dark, Therefore, Be it Resolved that the
current gag order be lifted immediately as it goes against the mission and principles of KPFT.
E. Motions from K.C.
1. I move to require LSB members who reference RONR, the Bylaws, Standing and Special Rules, or other
sources to give members time and citations to find the information.
2. I move to suspend Robert Mark's participation
and voting. Mr. Mark was found guilty. This will be a status report of the actions taken and to be taken in this

Susie Moreno has withdrawn this motion (F) and will bring it back, revised, in January.
F. Motion by
Susie Moreno regarding diversity in programming:
1. In 2000 and again in 2013, KPFT was given court orders to
diversify its programming to better represent the diverse makeup of the City of Houston and listenership
Currently, programming disproportionately favors white audiences with 65% of the programs geared towards
European-American listeners.
During Dr. Kamau’s tenure, a process was started to address the court orders and better
represent the greater Houston community.
I move that the programming changes made by Interim General Manager Jerry
Sumrall (aka Larry Winters), illegitimately hired on July 14, 2017, be stopped.
I further move that a diverse
programming council, representative of the Houston area demographics, be created to continue the efforts to diversify
KPFT initiated by Dr. Kamau in order to comply with its mission to provide diverse programming.
G. Motion by Bob
Gartner: I move that bumper stickers and other KPFT paraphernalia be purchased. I also move that that we determine
How many bumper stickers we want and,
2. By what date they should be delivered to KPFT.
NOTE: As far as
paraphernalia, should this motion pass, it will be the job of the IGM and staff to determine what we need for the next
fund drive, but the amount spent should not exceed the amount in the 2017 budget.
H. Motion by Bob Gartner: I move
that the volunteer sign-up sheets be placed in the hands of the KPFT LSB chair and that copies be made available for
distribution to any board member who has a use for them in the carrying out of their duties as a committee member.
Motions from Rhonda Garner
1. The removal of Ted Weisgal as the chair of the committe and replace him with our
vice-chair Elayne Duncan. Should be on the agenda prior to Robert Mark's trial.
2. Discussion about the KPFT LSB
doing a fund-raiser for the station.

J. Motions from K.C. Sinclair
1. To rescind the LSB’s previous action of
electing Deb Shafto Secretary of the KPFT LSB and, to replace her effective immediately.
2. To move this item up on
the agenda and to place it immediately after IV. Agenda Approval.

XIV. Adjournment