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Call to Order
Zoom and KPFA LSB Agreements
Zoom Instructions:
purposes of sound quality and clear communication without interruptions, participants are asked to mute themselves
during KPFA LSB online meetings and the chair or host will recognize one person at a time to unmute themselves and
speak. Board members on the phone can mute and unmute themselves by pressing *6 (star 6) The use of the Zoom Chat option
is reserved for LSB members only so that board members are able to process board business without distraction. We look
forward to hearing from members of the public during the Public Comments time. Please sign up at the beginning of public
comments time by raising your hand or pressing star 9 by phone
Board Members wishing to be called on during the
meeting are asked to
hand� by
clicking on the participant button at the bottom of the screen and then clicking on the raise hand button on the right
or to press *9 on a phone Board members will be called on by stack. LSB board members shall use chat to submit written
motions to the LSB secretary. Board members online may vote by Zoom raise hand or by roll call or by email with a code
when needed.
KPFA LSB meeting and email Agreements
Audio recording of the meetings is available at

No Video Recording permitted at KPFA LSB meetings. Speak with each other respectfully using comfortable
Focus on facts, issues and proposals, (no name calling or personal insults),
Use attribution of sources
and documentation when making statements or assumptions about other people or groups},
Listen to each other with
Honor the agenda and timeline, including staying on topic, following group procedures and respecting the
directions of the chair, facilitators, time keepers and people taking stack during meetings,
Raise hands to be
recognized by the facilitator. Honor individual time allocations per share and finish up when agreed upon time is over.
time may be used for comments or questions with answers included in the time.
Honor board confidentiality. KPFA Local
Station Board members are required to keep all job performance information related to KPFA management, paid and unpaid
staff and volunteers confidential to be shared only within closed session LSB meetings.
If a situation arises when a
participant is not willing to honor the above agreements after the agreements are brought to their attention, that
person may be asked to leave the�àmeeting or removed from the
Roll Call
Approve Agenda
Approve Minutes
Delegate Assembly, presentations by nominees and vote for
PNB Directors
Presentations and discussion on the crisis situations at KPFK and WBAI and their impact on KPFA and the
Pacifica Foundation.
Public Comments Time Certain 2:25 pm
People wishing to make a public comment are
asked to sign up to make a public comment at the beginning of public comments time so that the designated time can be
equally divided among the speakers. The members of the public are called on first to prioritize listener and staff
input. PNB members who sign up will be called on after members of the public have spoken. Priority will also be given
to those who have not spoken..
Closing and Adjourn